Linen : Dirty or not

Today has been a long day. . . Spent most of the day washing stuff and
in the breaks was tweeting and face booking and gmailing all at once.
. . and they say we cant multi task. . . .Anyway, one of my friends
who is a fan of all things technological like me had an issue with his
chick and the worst part was that seeing as both were both good @
social media and stuff, the whole drama spilled over unto several
hundreds of home pages. There proceeded to be allegations, insults and
all else that is spewed during relationship breakups or arguments, all
on international public media for all (including your boss) to see. .

Suffice it to say all this was extremely embarrassing for the guy and
though the female in question may have got an avenue to vent herself,
the damage is permanent. This led me to question as to the wisdom in
carrying a relationship using social media. I say bag the chick using
all tools necessary but turn the communication thereafter to sms and
phone calls. This business of canoodling on ‘walls’ and updates may
seem cute but the record shall never ever be erased when you have a
nasty fight and words are thrown around. . .The relationship is after
all between the two of you. . ..

So if your chick or dude is forever on your ‘wall’ and commenting on
everything for everyone to see, when things go south dont expect
him/her/them to be silent. . . .You have been warned. . . .

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