I think thats the name of some french mathematician that contributed to my considerable suffering in first year when calculus checked into my life. Thats not important right now, what is is the idea of handing over your life or a loved ones life to a guy in a white labcoat with a stethoscope hanging from his neck. This week ave been to 3 hospitals visiting, taking to and picking from relatives and friends. 

This is no horror story time as all the patients are happily home now or headed there soon anyway. It just made me shudder at how fragile our existence is and the amount of self control some people have to muster in their day today jobs. .. .Doctors go through alot of crap daily both figuratively and literally. I know there are enough horrendous stories out there about doctors negligence but I believe the general trend is that they do the best they can, just like the rest of us. 

First up it was St. Mary’s mission hospital in Otiende, Langata. I must say I was impressed. The place has this homely feel what with these wall crawling vines allover the place and low ceilings. And there was a distinct lack of that nasty disinfectant smell prevalent in most hospitals. And they are dirt cheap. Consultation for outpatients costs 100 bob. Explains the extra long queues. We showed up at noon and we were infront of the doc at 5. And trust me we were served fast. Care is good, no rude impatient, or spiteful nurses or doctors. I recommend the hospital especially for maternity.

Next up was THEE nairobi hospital. Its like the hospital defines Nairobi somewhat. Its like Nairobi borrowed their name from this hospital. everything was pristine (obviously) and the cute nurses in white scrubs. kinda makes the kick in your teeth in the name of a bill you about to pay feel alot lighter. That hospital has ambience. your mood changes once you walk in. .. or maybe am just a shagsmodos that has never been to a proper hospital before. All am saying is next time am sick wouldnt mind suffering there. . . 

But the financial exclusion stench reeks abit too strongly in the health sector as it is. If you cant afford it your arse is getting dead. Whatever happened to social welfare?