Am lazy. Like reaally lazy. But am working on it. Was thinking of ranting today but its such hard work. . . speaking of which I describe myself as a student yet never talk bout school. . .tut tut. . .am a bad school goer. . on that note why is it that we rarely ever use anything we learn in class but the stuff we learn outside in the playgrounds, dorms, kitchen and during funkies is what will guide us through the rest of our lives? The real education is out there in the micro world that is the school compound not the lessons about surds and glaciers in Switzerland.

Anyway where was I? damnit I lost myself again. . .anyhoo. . .Human nature really confuses me at times. Was watchin this episode of cold case ssn 3. So long story short, some creepy dude picks up teens and tells them he is gna kill them and asks them to choose where they will be buried. The dudes actually comply after going through the denial-depression-acceptance cycle. Now my confusion starts when you realise you are facing certain death and you do nothing about it. Like I think ad at least go down with the guy not let some dude just bury me coz he feels like it. But I guess when you are young and psychologically tortured, then fighting ain’t an option (that you consider) Strange. . . .Now I see what psychologists do. . . 

N dont you just not like know it all guys like these?