So the Indian suits at Bharti HQ’s decided this little East African
success story (Safaricom) had had its run and gotten enough limelight
and it about time the big boys showed up and made real money.

I can only speculate as to what the strategy is but it seems the main
idea is to erode Safaricoms position to bolster their own. The
response from Safaricom was disappointingly lacklustre and not in good
faith in my view. Zain must have known there would be a retaliation
and if they have any planners in their ranks then they have a
mitigating strategy to counter and/or suppress it. Or they were
banking on such a reaction that would play into their bigger plan.
Maybe they are trying to squeeze Safaricom’s margins and thus weaken
them thereby halting there skyrocketing expansion. This would enable
them to launch their 3g services and possible cover the country

Lets not forget that Safaricom is where they are because they had
hopeless adversaries. Not because they are ingenious, or are in tune
with the Kenyan psyche or that MJ is a Genius. All their products were
launched or were in development in the other telcos (Zain mostly) and
were hijacked and adopted. That they milk their clients dry goes
without saying and we have suffered for ages with their terrible
network which they have only recently improved with the billions
earned in profit. The only reason most stuck with them was because 1)
They hate Change 2) The others were shifty and had fishy names and
weird tariffs.

Now the Bharti guys know all about selling airtime to guys who can
barely afford a meal and the mother ship aint too fazed with earning
cents as profits. Safaricom and their mother company Vodafone seem
like they are more comfortable with rich or upwardly mobile markets
hence their eagerness to tinker with 3g and 4g(not that am
complaining.. . . ) . They may have met their match with the Dukawalas
from India.

Right now we can only wait and see who makes the next move and what it
will be. . . .Right now Safaricom has moved its Pawn forward and
looked across the plains and valleys spotted with cellphone masts and
sneered. . . “Your move. . ”