Safaricom Easy SME Data Bundle

Being a serial data hog makes it tough to live without constant wifi within reach. The costs of Mobile Data are a serious dent in the pocket especially if you live in none Zuku/Safaricom fiber zones.

Currently use Airtel’s UnlimiNet offering as it makes the most sense cost-value but the data usually runs out on me. Also if you plan to tether to a PC by bye bundles.

I came across Safaricom’s Easy Bundles for SMEs and I was hooked. Unfortunately they need you to have an SME or have a “sponsor” who will buy you the bundles. Weird wordings. The idea is that an employer sponsors his employees so they don’t hustle with Bundles. You cant get them as an individual.

Anyway I managed to get myself “sponsored” by an SME and got unto the Easy 30 bundle and happy so far. As far as I can tell from their literature, they are unlimited albeit with throttled speeds.


I have always wondered what is meant by life’s purpose. Not exactly the metaphysical one of why are we all here from the sequoias to Bacillus Anthraxis. What fascinates me is when inspirational types, priests and thought leaders insist you must find your life’s purpose else you will lead a meaningless life and forever be sad.

Does it mean everyone has a purpose? Like everyone was hewn for that particular one thing and your whole life is a preparation for this and only this? Being a skeptic, I am highly suspicious of anyone who says they have figured anything out. Especially if it is a vague concept like love, life, purpose or why we like puppies. Its quite preposterous really.

Last Sunday I watched a TV show with a panel of pastors and the confidence was flowing out of the set. At least the attribution of the source of purpose was God and that makes sense. But seeing as the Almighty rarely emails, how will you know what comes from him and what comes from down low?

I get that you will know when you know, has worked for relationships so far, and we gravitate, invest and nurture what matters to us. I suppose Purpose is what you finally cement and decide is the most important thing to you.

In all most of those who have found their purpose that I know of have checked most of their life stages; found a spouse, had a couple of children, well into adulting and satisfied with themselves.

I will have to keep searching for a while to get there it seems.