How to Root the Tecno N7 and install CWM

The Users of the Tecno N7 know what a bargain the device is and for the enthusiastic modders and those wanting maximum control of their device, having root is important.

Being a chinese device there isn’t much that happens in the mainstream developer circles (XDA) concerning it but there is an active community complete with very easy to use tools that you can use to root your ching chong thing and have just as much fun as the rest of the android crowd.

Now few of the regular tools seem to work so I dug around the interwebs till I found the simplest rooting tool ever. It goes by the name SRSRoot and all it needs is adb drivers and you are good to go. Be warned though that it needs internet access to talk to its servers. This got me worried for abit before I realised I barely know what rootkits Google has hidden in the OS for the US govt and that I barely have any sensitive info on the phone anyway. All you do is click root and it looks for the best way to do it and does it. Pretty simple and straightforward.

Screenshot_2013-09-03-14-21-03[1] Screenshot_2013-09-03-14-20-51[1]

Installing CWM was the hardest part no small part for the reason stated before, the community is still small.

I however found a no brainer resource that shows you step by step how to generate a CWM recovery for your device.


  • A windows 7 based PC or Laptop
  • ADB drivers installed on your machine
  • MTK Droid Tools v2.4.8 which can be found here
  • Tutorial which is to be found here
  • If you want to dump your ROM or backup here is a tutorial

Its a pretty straight forward process where the  software will do all the heavy lifting for you leaving you with a custom made recovery for the Tecno N7 allowing you to flash whatever zip you fancy and to mod it to your hearts content with custom themes etc. I believe the procedure will work with just about any other chinese or otherwise device that is based on the Mediatek chipsets. Ie if your processor is MTKxxx then this is likely to work. Just about all Chinese made phones i.e mi-Fone, Tecno, etc have MTKxxx chipsets and should work. It creates a custom recovery based on CWM specifically for your device. It doesn’t get more custom than that.



I am informed that Tecno have not released the kernel source and thus building a custom ROM for the device will be impossible.  I don’t know how true that is since there are some for the N3 so there may be hope yet.

I went through all this trouble because of a problem with installing Google play services on this device. It kept popping an error when it tried to install and it was driving me nuts. Some apps require it to run e.g Foursquare, Hangouts, Avast Mobile Security etc.

All I did was clear the dalvik cache and wipe all the phone memory (that is do a factory reset and wipe ) and flash the gapps for ICS again from CWM and I was back in business.

Try it out and tell me what you think.

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  • charlse

    can u just give a link to an already prepared cwm

    • I don’t have such a link. I generated one myself. Get to a computer and do it. Its easier than you think.

  • simeon

    Pls the Gapp on your post did not flash on my tecno n7…and pls where can i get a custom rom for my tecno n7?

    • Why did it not flash? Did you follow all the steps? There are no custom ROMs yet that I have seen. Have you gotten the custom recovery?

  • Nicholas Maina Njau

    help tried the above method but phone kept rebooting,what to do??

    • At what point is it rebooting? When rooting or installing the custom recovery?

    • thefreak254

      how did you fix it? getting the same issue

  • thefreak254

    I’m having the same issue with google play services can you explain how you fixed it

    • have you rooted and installed a custom recovery?

      • thefreak254

        I’ve rooted but haven’t yet installed the custom recovery

        • Follow those instructions to install a custom Recovery. You should have enabled USB debugging and have ADB drivers on your comp(Win 7 most preffered)

          • thefreak254

            I’m getting a pop up that says “Attention! there is a probability to damage the boot block!”
            If phone isnt loaded it is necessary to flash this file through flash tool! install patched boot to phone?

          • I also got that pop-up and I said yes and the phone rebooted fine. After that the custom recovery will be installed.

          • thefreak254

            Ok does it take long? I see a hat with and it’s just there and highlighted over the reboot system

          • The Hat is now the custom recovery. Try navigating using the volume buttons and lock/power button.

          • thefreak254

            ok so now which one do i choose reboot?

          • thefreak254

            Ok I choose the factory reset/wipe data and it didnt work i’m assuming i had to copy a file to the sd card or maybe choose the wrong option

          • you need the gapps zip file that has the google apps i.e gmail, maps, talk, etc. flashing this is what removes the error. first download it from the link I gave then copy it onto the SD card. then reboot into the recovery and wipe factory setting/reset and wipe dalvik cache. then flash the gapps. do this by selecting install zip from sdcard. then go to the zip and select it. it should install the gapps. then reboot. thats it.

          • thefreak254

            I did this now Google play isnt working anymore, I assume it wasnt in the gapps is this easy to fix?

          • Wait for it to update to the latest version. you need to be connected to the net.

          • thefreak254

            I got it done now today it was slow and i decided to do a factory reset and it’s been restarting just showing the android with recovery mode down there… how do i fix it?

          • whats it say when connected to the pc?

          • thefreak254

            Shit what’s with the CRM was I supposed to add another file? before i did all this?

          • thefreak254

            Is it safe to remove the battery and restart the phone?

  • simeon

    Pls is there a custom rom for tecno n7 ?