How Money Works

This week I have made it my mission to understand everything to do with money, its markets ,origins and possibly future. . .

I have thus endeavored on a conquest of magnanimous proportions (to my standards anyway) to get to the bottom at our modern master. Now to understand this epic tale , I have to go back to what instigated/inspired this adventure. I was watching this documentary called the zeitgeist Addendum and it went at length to show how the modern monetary system perpetuated by the Americans is ultimately evil and should be banished from the face of the planet immediately.

Now  I gotta tell you am a sucker for conspiracy theories and this was just too much for me to pass by. . . at first I thought these guys were simply heaven sent for opening my eyes to the truth and setting me free. . . but then as I chewed on the story they had fed me, I became a bit suspicious as to how they were simply distributing the said material without any repercussions on their part seeing as the names they were dropping were like really high up the food chain.
All the same I decided I should get myself some research done to get down to the bottom of it all. . .
I am still working on it But here is a short summary of what I have found out :
  • Money used to be a sort of certificate for gold or silver. That is you could walk into a bank at anytime and exchange your bank notes for a prescribed amount of gold or silver. This was scrapped and now the paper in your wallet gets its value from the US dollar and the trust you may have in the austerity of the US economy.
  • Bonds are a broke government’s way of getting quick cash from the affluent in the society. . they get quick money and pay out interest on the principle for many years. .. . .apparently started out in the city states of Florence and Milan and the others during times of war
  • The evolution of money/ money markets has been as important as the first and second world wars in shaping the course of our civilization. . .
Al be back when I have more and have finished reading The Ascent of Money by Niall Ferguson

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