House of Cards


You gotta love Frank Underwood. Or hate him intensely. There are no middle grounds when it comes to emotions on how you feel about him. He lies, manipulates, murders and destroys people with such regularity that you wonder what exactly is wrong with everyone around him that they do not recognize his conniving ways.

I suppose the main reason nobody sees beyond the facade is his manner of speaking. He will say he supports your initiative with the most colourful words while working around the clock to sabotage you. It is rather hilarious when you realize that this is more or less how most politicians operate. There is never a fair exchange of anything be it deals, money or support.

What was more fascinating for me however was his relationship with Claire, his wife. They have the weirdest, most fulfilling relationship ever. As they admit to anyone who asks, they tell each other everything. No lies, no manipulation. ¬†And this they don’t lie about. Over and over again we are shown their full exposure to each other especially of Frank to his wife. He tells her of the affair he is having (Though this tends to invalidate the affair bit) with Zoe Barnes including sordid details of their conversations.

Frank Underwood

It keeps things very simple for the life between them and is amusing in its lack of theatrics and posturing. They have their arguments but usually resolved in a manner that at times seems way too formal and mature. Maybe its the nature of the characters or the realization that there is much bigger fish to fry out there.

Its a sordid tale with many falling by the wayside as collateral damage in Frank’s quest or power and revenge. I gotta admit its chock full of lessons in people management, use of leverage and the importance of being on the same boat and singing the same tune with our significant other.

I liked the mode of storytelling especially the employ of the technique of breaking the fourth wall. This is where Frank looks directly at the camera and addresses the audience directly. It helps in explaining some of the plot lines especially when he does something that doesn’t make sense. Also sharing in his psychopathy helps in making him seem human.

Netflix as scored a major win here especially by releasing the whole season a once and leting people watch at their own pace. It took me about 3 weeks to do the 2 seasons and I like it that way.

All in all this is a most recommended series that should be watched by the non-conservative.


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