Gtide E7 Vs Samsung Galaxy Pocket

Am an Android Freak. And that’s only because windows phone is feeling sexy punda (Phrase borrowed from @machomoja) with East Africa and their definition of an entry level smartphone hops along with a Kshs 16,000  price tag. No thanks.

Seeing as we have established my cheapskate credentials, allow me to introduce the latest Chinese smart phone from the company locally known as G Tide (and internationally going by whatever you feel like calling it that morning) that has been rocking my world for the past 4 days.

I have a Samsung Galaxy pocket that has disappointed me severally with a plethora of problems that custom ROMS have not resolved yet. The teeny-weeny screen, plasticky feel, average battery life and pre-installed bloat crapware drove me nuts.

*side Rant-\

The galaxy pocket comes with the following pre-installed and nonremovable on the stock rom without rooting the device.

  • app though there is an inbuilt android weather app.
  • Some Yahoo! finance nonsense
  • Samsung apps app plus it forces you to download some other Samsung ad things and push services
  • Operamini 6.5 that CANNOT be upgraded.
  • Some educational and music apps that I really did not care about.

Now the pocket comes with a GB of  phone memory and 2GB of user memory so storage and app installation even without a memory card is plenty. The thing however hangs for me every single day without fail like clockwork and goes to a crash upload mode that rarely ends and when it does, just for dramatic effect, the screen goes off, the phone becomes unresponsive and it proceeds to enter an epileptic vibration mode which only ends when the charge runs out.

The 3G is also extremely flaky and I am forced to restart the thing every few hours just to keep myself connected to the internet.

Not Impressed.

*End Side Rant-/

The Gtide E7 is an Android based smartphone running gingerbread on a 1GHZ ARMv7 based processor. No GPU as far as I can tell and sports a 3.5 inch capacitive HVGA screen, 2 mp back camera and a 0.3 mp front facing camera. And of course all the other usual suspects, GPS, HSDPA, 32GB memory card support, WiFi, Bluetooth, gyro sensor, gravity sensor, ambient light sensor etc

Now what sold me (refer to cheap skate inference above) was the price. You get all this for Kshs. 7,000 . Thats right just 7 Ndovus.

The galaxy pocket costs Kshs. 10,000, has fewer capabilities and is loaded with crapware. Granted the G-tide doesn’t come with the fancy e-warranties and support declarations from the parent company but solid performance is delivered nonetheless.

Below are some rudimentary  photos I took of the phone. I haven’t figured out how to take screenshots of the phone yet but will post as soon as I can.


  • got the E7 too. To be honest, i was first contemplating buying the Samsung Galaxy Pocket (coz of the Samsung label i guess) but considering em an Android Apps developer, i opted for the E7 instead. This fone my friend is wagwan, the performance is considerably better than the galaxy pocket plus the screen size is wow! The fact that it daen got a logo on the front face is a real advantage to those who wud like to floss, just get a rubber dress for the beauty en u good to go. I however have an issue with the fone, how do you root it??? The internal Memory is also kidogo sana.

    • Quite frankly I have no idea how to root the damned thing. Not having many users in this case is a disadvantage but si you dig around maybe the boot-loader is not locked. My technical skill is unfortunately not that adept

      • I have even contacted the mother company and they are yet to reply to my emails. I will follow it up with the Kenyan agent, who by the way i understand is a lady (not much hope here i guess) and see what she can do. I also have the E9 and em waiting on the E10 to hit the market (just to list some of the specs here, E10 will be 4.3″, 5.0Mp camera with autofocus + flash, free leather cover, android ICS OS and generally look like this All in all, the research goes on.

  • Cyn

    I Have the E 7 and i dont know how to turn the camera flash on..pls help

    • Hi Cynthia,
      Am afraid the E7 doesn’t have a camera flash. Check the back. Only the camera is there.

  • Odds

    Funny, i was also thinking of replacing my pocket with e7. i saw it with a friend of mine aand fell in love… where do i buy it?? and what about the e9(price and specs)?

    • Unfortunately they are no longer in the market. I dont know why but they are out of stock and I doubt they will come back. Maybe the E9 will come soon?

      • Samie Odundo

        I dunno. Sell me yours? What about e8?

        • The E8 is in the same boat as the E7 and E9. I think whoever imports didn’t think it was a good enough market. I can sell you mine but at cost.

          • Samie Odundo

            I have a better idea. Get me one and i’ll code the rooting files and a custom ROM for it and we;ll all be happy. How about that?

          • Well that would be wonderful but I have no idea who else has the phone hence where to get it.

  • hey, i have a big problem with my phone g tide e7 the problem is when i set up any program it require from me to empty any space and it close any opened programs it self aslo i had amemory card 8 giga byte but how i store this app on memory not phone i want answer now.
    mohamed gaber

    • Go to settings – Applications – Preferred Install location and choose removable SD card

  • essamsaad7


  • ghulam rabani

    check G-tide E59 comed in pakistan…..nice mobile….accelerometer and proximity sensor…this is gtide e59 ….i rooted e59 from z4root app…