Grumpy Old Guys

Then there is another one. Total opposite. He can’t be called young but he has also ‘partaken of salt'(amekula chumvi) . This guy laughs at his own shadow. Dare you smile in his class and he will bawl over in hearty laughter thus creating those endless cycles coz the whole class then laughs wit (or is it at) him and this leads to him ‘ending’ (kuisha) some more. I foresee this guy living to see his great grandkids tattoos. mark you he teaches Geodesy. Now if you recall Geography in high school, you know there is little else that is a natural sleeping agent than a lecture about rocks and the shape of the earth. True it is ground shaking stuff (pun so intended) but is morbidly boring. I suspect this guys sense of humour helped him sit through it when he was a student and figured what better way to teach it than to laugh through it? Strangely, it works. We actually understand what he is talking bout. Now if the same unit was being taught by the old boring dude above, am certain someone would have killed himself Japanese samurai style.

Long story short, old guys should take it easy, its never that serious. Ya’ll were once young, and were no different from us.