Growing Up

One of the times I looked forward to while growing up was when I
wouldn’t have to be answerable to anyone and ad decide whether to wake
up or sleep in till midday, whether I would eat or not or decide to
eat junk all week etc.. . . was totally convinced that this was the
best thing that could ever happen to me and deep down am still
convinced it is. . . .

But growing older in this our hospitable mother land a few things
started coming into focus. . .dad,s car runs on fuel which is found
@ the fuel station and he always reached into his wallet while we were
there. . . as a kid this is inconsequential because If you were like
me, Dad was the richest guy around. . but later when I understood that
he worked for it, n he had a boss whom he had to please otherwise he
would be kicked out, n his salary wasn’t a blank cheque. . .then I
dint have much fun. . then as he started his own thing and had to look
after his employees, and his margin and a plethora of other things
like assets and liabilities, the fun gradually got sucked out of being
grown up. . . .

My point for this post is , the only real fun you will ever have is
when you are a kid when you are as ignorant as a toad and wouldn’t
know better. this is because you are truly innocent and all your fun
is good n clean devoid of scheming and plotting and attitudes. . .

Lets give our kids a chance to be happy. . . .just like we were. . . .

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