This guy should be whipped, then tasered then shot preferably in the same day. . how do you order your citizens to be bombed / shot at with .50 calibre bullets? That kinda ammo is used to immobilise trucks!

I mean even being concieted has its limits. If you are gna be authoritarian and the dictator type, atleast do half the crap a government is supposed to do. . let guys think you were voted in even if you he guy supposedly opposing you is on your payroll. go through the motions pretend like you give a shit. Museveni pulled it off last week you shudda grabbed a notebook last elections and be shown how it is done. .

Living in utopia believing you willl rule forever and then some makes you a fool with no sense of reality. This guy actually believed he would preside over Africa becoming a united political federation akin to the USA with him probably being its leader. Talk about smoking something illegal. Bout time the nigga packed up his Tent and female body guards and head over to wherever they will accept him. .

All in all this whole Tunisia-Egypt-Libya fiasco shows that the residents of Arab countries are very united and very down-for-whatever kinda dudes and dudettes. Wouldnt wanna go to war against ’em Niggas thats for sure. . .