Gay Marriages

I really don’t see what the hullabaloo is about. its their life to live. mind your own business. Its not like Most of us are vocal about the Israeli’s blowing up Pakistani women and children. Fighting a holy war is a lame and daft argument. It worked with the Canaanites but then they didn’t have Google or  libraries. If a dude wants to marry another dude, you saying no will not make the wish go away. Sure he will marry the next bimbo that happens along but rest assured he will be working late like a pirate, and you know which booty he be looting. Slapping Sin all over it doesn’t convince me that it is a choice made by the Gay community to be queer. 

All this hating is fuelled blindly following Jewish traditions (enshrined in the Christian good book) which are as misconstrued as any other. Reading leviticus is jarring to say the least. Why it is still included in the Bible is anyones guess. You cannot convert to Judaism. You have to be born Jew. Now tell me that is not the single most discriminatory monotheistic belief system on the planet. But I digress. 

Am thinking its just misplaced fear. Most of the Homophobes are just insecure of their own sexuality. The church wants to keep you, me and him/her under control so that you don’t get fancy ideas about being in control of your life. Trust the dude in the collar with all your deep dark secrets and all will be alright. . . yeah right. . . 

  • Choice or not, its their life.

    Nice one.

  • kipsang

    Interesting analysis…