Being the science fiction (and fact) buff that I am, I recently did a Fringe ssn3 marathon and lets just say I wasnt that impressed. It left too many questions unanswered and the cases were simply ridiculous. There is this one case where ati a chick cant die because the molecules in her body are too strongly atracted to each other because she was struck by lightening twice. Or the guy who combined two of the heaviest elements and made a molecule lighter than air. I get the fringe science bit and the idea that what you believe is impossible is just not proven yet. But come on. . . . and why are there only two parallel universes and not infinite? I just started on ssn 3 without watching the previous seasons but if the 18 episodes are anything to go by, there are fewer answers in the previous episodes.

I get this is entertainment and is supposed to be consumable by the general public but at times calling totally abstract thought science doesnt really pan out.  Anyhoo one underlying theme I have come to notice in almost all these hollywood productions is the hero mentality. As the plot develops there is always this one character on whos shoulder the fate of the entire country/world/universe rests. And its more often than not based on a decision based on love and/or allegiance. He or she is usually the only one that can operate some mystical ancient machine that was constructed for this one purpose. Somehow their DNA or essence or life force or whatever is what powers the damned gadget.Its like they were born for this . .. literally. And somehow he/she knows how to operate it even if scientists/engineers have been tinkering with it for years to no avail. It could be it is this particular motif that sells more movie tickets/has more viewership, but my conspiratory self smells a deeper intent. I think its all about indocrination. Irrevocable belief in the superiority of American technology,moral aptitude and massive support from anyone and every one who can think straight and is not a terrorist. But then again the movies are what built American culture. Thats their form of art and building up the national psyche even to supernatural levels is understandable. Maybe our makmende should be the star of our local 24.

In my view this type of indocrination creates a society that believes that there are chosen ones amongst us that have some super human abilities (i.e not like your boring normal self) and their fate is for them to save the world while we watch.  . or give them whatever they need to achieve this noble , divine duty.

Or I may have had too much Githeri.

  • alto

    hi i think you actually grasped the series without watching all of them.kudos. basically thats just it we all knowingly or not need someone to save us. i think it a human trait that makes us believe we are vanuarable.

  • Kipsang

    I agree with your hero mentality argument but vis a vis to the presence of two universes and not an infinite number, I propose you read Quantum Theory with an emphasis on divergent events… (I believe)