France Telecom

I am personally getting tired of the incestant bad news coming from Orange Kenya. If they are not complaining about what a raw deal the Kenya government gave them , they are firing people and hiring more frenchies. They have the franchise to the single most successful smartphone this planet has seen and all they can do with it is offer it for valentines. Complete with a pathetic 300mb of data and a non-3G network .Oh and a contract that nobody really wants.

Their marketing team is top-notch though. Love the Ads. 

And now this

Now they want to sell prime property to shore up their losses. How bad can you be as a manager (of a hungry company) to have the keys to the pantry and then deciding that selling the key could fetch a few bucks. 

For all the years these french guys have been here it has been nothing but funny products that are not really made for any real kenyan but for an imaginary daft East African who will embrace anything a telco throws at him. From impossible to use CDMA phones that can only be used to call, to exorbitantly priced 128kbit connections labelled as broadband, to treating the iphone like some kind of technological god that should only be worshipped not used. It all stinks of neo-colonial outlook that views ‘developing countries’ as regions hungry for tech crap. Where is the government in all this? I smell a conspiracy though it sounds rediculous so I wont share it just yet

I dont like this CEO, their style and treatment of customers. I have a 4 month old issue that is still not resolved. as we say on twitter #EPICFAIL

  • I had been using the 3G+ network from Orange Kenya; which was not good but it made do. Then last week i got the best news of the year yet – Safaricom with the fastest 3G network has launched a weekly unlimited offer for 1000/= bob or better still a monthly one for 3,000/=. I had used this a year ago and it was WOW.
    I immediately bought the unlimited offer for a whole week.
    Guys, i am in agony. the so called unlimited offer is slower than having an edge connection. It does not matter your location or the time you log on (even midnight) i tried to use this in my office at the city center and at the estate, the speed don’t exceed 15kB/S. You cannot even download a GB of data in three days.
    I dare you, if you have the cash to burn, try this offer and prove me wrong.
    Safaricom you’ve just conned me a K.