Exactly what makes anyone an expert?

Is it years of experience? Writing a book on the subject? Mindless obsession or morbid curiosity to the point of being labelled a weirdo by the opposite sex?

I don’t know but am very sure most of the characters parading with these titles are even more clueless

Take the two political experts who show up every week on Citizen Tv to share some of their manly wisdom with us small-minded minions. What exactly makes them political experts? Do they have decades experience leading a country or running a political party? Have they won countless elections and are unanimously adored by the masses? Was the first time you heard of them the moment they were introduced as political experts?

As you may have gathered by now, I do not appreciate people who claim to be smarter than me with no supporting evidence.

Emilio Kibaki is a world-class economist and time magazine back in 1975 knew that. They proceeded to name him economist of the year. Solid evidence. No argument there.  The two characters on the other hand who are not politicians in my estimation and being refered to as experts is rather deceiving.

It would have been better for the former president Daniel Moi to be asked about the political landscape. Chances are he is still the guy running things up in this. He would give a more knowledgeable answer and I would take his word straight to the bank.