Draft Constitution and an Enormously Gullible Public

Something is seriously wrong with us if we are going to be divided
over a new constitution.
Why no one is seeing the plot by these politicians is beyond me. . .
the new draft constitution will seriously cut the MP’s powers and
influence and though they will retain the mheshimiwa title they wont
be beyond punishment by their constituents as there is a provision for
recalling them . . . that’s gotta send some shivers up n down their
spines. . . .the new constitution is a lot more freeing and creating
alot of checks and balances on the presidency and other public
offices. . .This draft I believe is what Kibaki wants to leave as his
legacy and it sure will be one kickass legacy. . .for the guys
fighting it coz of abortion and kadhi’s courts, give us a break. . .am
particularly disappointed with the church(Christian that is) as they
really aren’t providing much leadership. . .Allow me to explain

Rejecting a whole document based on a sentence or two which can later
be changed doesnt sound like a smart thing to do. . .the church has
immense influence I agree, just like a father has over a trusting son
or daughter. But tell your son to pick a gun and shoot himself and he
will hesitate since though you are generally wiser than him an idiotic
order remains an idiotic order and he wont follow it. That’s what the
church is saying, “shoot yourself. . .because we said so. . ”

I don’t like the kadhis courts, don’t like abortion either. . .but I
don like our 40 year old constitution any better. Ad rather have a few
clauses to lobby my MP to push for amendment later than get stuck with
our current one and spend a few more millions writing another one and
have some old guy keep yapping about a new constitution at rallies and
TV. . . .

Make your own decision, listen to your favourite cleric n politician,
but make up your own mind. . . .

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