Counterfeit phones

So the CCK wants to shut down fake phones tonight as the culmination of months long campaign to get rid of counterfeiters in the mobile telephone space.

This campaign and the reasoning behind it reeks of opportunism and misplaced priorities. If the telecom companies knew all along that ‘fake’ phones were operating on their networks, why not deny them access? Granted this would need a concerted joint effort from all the players to prevent one player taking advantage and opening its doors to those holding fake phones. I for one support the idea of removing these gadgets that do not adhere to any standards and simple operations like connecting to the internet are a Herculean task.

That being said this displays the headless rooster behavior of the government. They allow the fake handsets into the country and then proceed to switch them off when it becomes inconvenient when the likes of Nokia want to set up research labs and other fancy sounding things. It is a PR campaign to ensure that the expensive brands get a virgin playing field and they can hike their prices as high as they want with zero competition from the Chinese.

Why not go the Indian way and legitimize the fake phones? Then plug the hole that allows them to come into the country in the first place. Then severely punish the peddlers. That will deter any business man from ordering them.

At the end of the day the consumers will pay for the sins of their leaders/policy makers.