Continuity and Change

Today as I watched the safcom ad dissin the gprs driven rival gsm data
ntworks, I remembered one of my first lessons on relationships,
heirachy and power. Generally those who have high mental acuity , can
easily decipher or detect patterns, and can harness charm and know
their way around chicks tend to be the guys who make all the money,
get bedroom reputations and generally become the envy of the hapless
kaliwad men who wish they would get out of their average lives and get
some of the action . . Needless to say this never happens and as
caroline mutoko would say they lead an average life , get an average
chick, average kids . . . Get the drift. . . .and they spend most of
their free time coming up with excuses as to why they aint successful
. . .yet. this came flooding back when I studied all markets with a
player that exhibits characteristics akin to the successful alpha
male. They dominate the market, they are loved and vilified and all
the other players wish they were there . . . Just thinkin out loud . .
. Mwangy out . . .

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