Check yourself

Everyone is full of it. You know what am talking bout and you know its true. We judge and complain and generally act like the dude or dudette we are pointing at while we sneer and wish them all manner of misfortune.

When Sir Isaac Newton said that men are so unpredictable that they may as well be mad (Or something in that line of thought) when he lost some money on the stock exchange, he wasn’t being very observant. We are all driven by the same things, approval, dominating your fellow man, and vanity. it is why most of us slave away for years in school learning what makes the world go round only to fight your way out of the system and find its like one of these Russian toys nothing ever really changes, we may think we do as we go through the various stages of development but its the same story , just a different cast and different props. Your folk’s folks thought their parents were from some other century when they were teenagers. They probably also snuck out of the Huts to go on late night raids or steal some murats or Mursik and go have a blast in the bushes or something. All am saying is that rebellion, behaving like know-it-alls and believing you will change the world is a consequence of a bunch of hormones flooding your system and it has happened to all the adolescents right from the times of the Neanderthals. So yes. You ain’t as special as you imagine. Neither am I or Obama or Prince. They just have slight variations/attributes that make them a bit more likable, and sensational than the rest of us. But they eat, drink, sleep like the rest of us.

Beating yourself up coz some fool doesnt appreciate you is rather lame if you think about it. As comedian Katt Williams said in one of his Stand up skit, ” Its called Self Esteem it’s esteem of yourself what does anyone else have to do with it?”