Business Process Patents and Trade Marks: A worrying trend? Depends on who you ask

This is akin to the argument that Software algorithms are indistinguishable from mathematical algorithms. The difference is that one deals in no.s while the other deals in words but the principle holds true. So if we do not pay royalties to Pythagoras for using “his” formula then why should we pay for a software algorithm?

It is like paying for logic. It is not to say that it is impossible to come up with the Pythagoras formula and am sure it was only a matter of time before someone else came up with it.

I agree that it must be tied to a particular machine or ‘thing’.

Daylight Robbery

I dont like getting robbed.

Before you start saying anything some people do. Ndio hiyo link.

I bought a bundle on Orange Kenyas 3G+ modem thinking I would use the bundle slowly over a long time. Shock on le me. The damn thing expires then you are supposed to know that somehow telepathically and reclaim it by rolling over into the next month. This is supposed to be done by topping up the modem with another bundle. Note that they dont bother to send you a reminder text or warning of any sort as to the tragedy about to befall your bundle



Now Tom Makau makes a good argument for the case for the telecom networks but I find this a preposterous QoS delivered by the respective telecom networks. This is because this is standard practice across all the networks. That I am billed for a service that I do not consume is rather thuggish. At the very least they should re-emburse the subscribers for the unused data otherwise they are robbing us under our noses.

I am submitting a report to the CCK on this but judging from previous responses I doubt I will get any help.


Avengers 2012

Finally my Ushamba has been reset.

IMAX is really the only way to watch anything. Even soap operas should be shown in IMAX 3D.

But who sells popcorn at 150 bob and soda for 150 bob? Daylight/night-time/lunar-eclipse robbery! Team Uchumi stopover is bound to get mad recruits.

I really really thought Avengers was going to suck but was gladly surprised that it rocked to the end. It was well paced and loved everyones perfomance especially my man-crush Robert Downey Jr followed by Hulk. By the way that guy is just too much awesomeness in one. I mean who wouldn’t want to be a green unstoppable monster?

The rest of the post is a spoiler so stop reading if you havent watched.

Best scene was obviously Loki being smashed around by Hulk. I still laugh when I remember. The best 3D scene has to be the bit where Scarlett is being chased by Hulk in the Airship.

Best Dialog is definitively from Tony Stark in the forest while talking to Thor. I love that Man.

All in all I understand why They left out akina spider man and Batman. They would have been awkward and doubt they have any humor.

Now to wait for Battleship and M.I.B 3


Kony 2012

Ok. There is this Kony 2012 lot. The first 5 minutes of the ‘video masterpiece’ is composed of the movie maker dotting over his son and trying to explain to him why Kony is a bad man. The kid is more interested in teletubbies for crying out loud. And besides Why did he have to fly thousands of miles to go into a jungle somewhere to go fish out a kid who was allegedly abducted by a seemingly invincible militia leader? Why not make a Bush2012 video? He is responsible for two wars, countless deaths, destruction of societies and terrorism. Why not advocate for his arrest?

This is just an elaborate ploy by the Us govt to setup an Africa command and the imperialism will be complete. it reeks of pity and using his own clueless son is just dispensable. What 5 year old wants to be told there are other guys just like him half a hemisphere away that are forced to kill their parents? This is indoctrination of violence.

And then there is the fact that Kony left north Uganda 6years ago. They kinda forgot to emphasize that bit and instead decided that painting him as a mad,evil mastermind is more worthwhile. Also that Museveni used the same strategy of forcibly recruiting child soldiers to gain power is conveniently never mentioned.

Of Arrogance

It appears nowadays arrogance is the new swag. Everyone is falling over themselves trying to be as arrogant and as rude as possible mistaking it for some kind of evidence to having ‘made it’.

A few nights ago I watched as Lillian Muli of Citizen TV attempted to interview the medical services minister Prof. Nyong’o on the impasse between the nurses and the government. Needless to say she wound up being lectured by the good prof who also walked out of the studio prematurely.

It was a rude showing for a minister human being to treat another like an incompetent professional in their own turf. Granted am not a fan of mainstream media but to accept an invitation for an interview and proceed to bulldoze your host hardly seems fair.

The late Hon. Michuki exemplified this to jaw dropping levels. I am aware that talking bout a guys character after his death is considered cowardly or something of the sort. I just don’t have a better example that can easily illustrate what I mean. It is assumed he got his attitude from the days of being a colonial officer but I don’t see how the two are related. Holding a post doesn’t make you arrogant. Being fundamentally arrogant does. The post just brings it out.

Another amazingly arrogant/proud character is the judge that decided that Bashir ought to be arrested should he step foot in the country. I do not doubt his judgement but watching his interview and the way he talked to the interviewer clearly reeked of arrogance and a sense of entitlement that would be intimidating to anyone seeking justice in his office. He even recounted how he sued a friend over details of a house he was purchasing from him. I rest my case.

Arrogance is a wall that shields you from experiences offered by others and leads to a rather lonely existence what with the protagonist imagining the world revolves around them.

I wouldn’t advocate for it.

Best Linux Distro

I have been reading an ebook by Keith Curtis called After the Software Wars  and couldn’t help but think about how right he was.

One of his arguments caught my eye. He argues that software algorithms are the same as mathematical theories in that as much as credit can be attributed to individuals or companies, the basic idea is not meant to be tied up in patents. Just because you write a function in words not numbers doesn’t mean it is not a form of mathematics.

I have tried to embrace open source software in my work and study and it is gradually yielding fruit. There is opensource GIS softwares, Office productivity suites and a plethora of others such as a clone of the MATLAB computing language that saved my skin awhile back. Windows wants users to pay,pay,pay. Apple is even worse. And then comes Linux. Everything is free, and will remain that way. It’s a modern marvel why it hasn’t become the most popular OS on the desktop/laptop.

There are many “Flavours” of the Linux OS out there and I advocate for only one. Ubuntu. It is by far the simplest to install, work with and to my knowledge the most widely supported. The beauty with free and open software is that any innovation on one distribution diffuses to most of the others since no-one is restricted anyway. Awesomeness right there.

Fedora, Debian (The Mother of Ubuntu) SUSE, etc are also rock solid but they don’t approach the consumer the way Ubuntu does.

I think Ubuntu will win this war . . . Eventually.

Ship Ship Ship!

I have just discovered the reason why all my downloads and internet biashara has been so damn slow on my laptop connecting to the University network. The inbuilt ufw firewall on ubuntu 11.10 strangles the connection to a trickle by default. I suppose that is fair to a neurotic paranoid evil genius but I just want to watch youtube damnit. It is now turned off. For good. Its not like I have mission critical anything on the old bucket anyway.

Aaanyhooo I have become a fan of Seth Godin of late and am pretty sure I should stop being a fan and actually follow his advise(Damn lizard brain). He tends to advocate for people to ship first and fast and fix problems on the go. Being a marketer, he sure sounds like an engineer. Same thing is repeated by Mark, the Facebook dood.

I think as inventors or simple workers we are afraid of presenting a product or service with gaping holes in it. Granted that is a reasonable fear since a product that totally doesn’t work is not a product.  We should still endeavor to deliver. . something rather than tell the client to wait for nirvana in a weeks time.

Back to getting kinky with Python (The language not an actual reptile)