Broadband over power lines

Had seen this one time back but was immediately distracted by a skirt wearer in the vicinity and only just seen an article that revived everything.
Now am just wondering now that kplc has all this dark fibre lying around on their masts why aren’t they trying out this stuff? After all we are the worlds guinea pig for all things new and untested (Alvaro and M-pesa) and we have shown a knack of making things work with our peculiar habits.
Now why not throw in broadband from your socket in the works? After all we don’t use ham radios and such like things which are the reason this hasn’t caught up in the states?
This would so totally rock such that I have no idea where to start with the advantages. First Every single house with power from the national grid would automatically have the fastest broadband speeds immediately.
We can worry about latency and the noise on the signal layer.  The excuse about internet penetration and use in ease of doing business and enriching lives would leave infrastructure issues and rest firmly on Content creation. Kenya Power could easily double their profits by leasing their lines to the highest bidder who is given a particular area. Hell even allow providers to bid at the transformer level. Highest wins.
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