Boko Haram

Its not every day that you come across a terrorist outfit that falls over itself to identify its philosophy or rather pathology to ignorance and the disdain of education and development.

Boko Haram has gained infamy worldwide for its brazen acts of well. . terror. On April 14th 2014 230 girls were abducted from a high school by the goons and are yet to be recovered. The social media army went ham on the story even getting the first lady of the US to jump in on it but it seems Boko Haram aren’t on Twitter or they know that Hashtags don’t hurt unless you are a socialite. A Few days ago they murdered upwards of 2000 people in Baga, a northern city of Nigeria. The government says that we shouldn’t get our panties in a bunch as they counted 150 dead. As this happened, 12 journalists were murdered in their office by what is claimed to be muslim Jihadists.

These attacks were roundly condemned by all and sundry including the Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan. Leaving alone the unfortunate name, the irony was not lost on the observers. GoodLuck didn’t bother to comment on the 2000 citizens murdered in his own country but felt that the assault on the freedom of expression of an offensive magazine was better for the media to cover.

Some Africans or self appointed defenders of the same were very quick to start blaming the west for double standards in terms of mourning. The Baga massacre barely got coverage in the west but #jesuischarlie received wall to wall coverage. I personally see no problem in this. They are mourning their own. We should be mourning ours. Thats not happening though. The President of Nigeria doesn’t feel a need to talk about it probably because it has been happening for months. Nothing new there.

This leads me to some conclusions. Boko Haram have been seemingly outsmarting, outgunning and basically dominating the Nigerian military. How this is possible in what is now the biggest economy on the continent leaves many questions unanswered. I tend to subscribe to Occam’s Razor. The explanation with the fewest assumptions is probably the truth. In this case, the simplest explanation is probably the correct one.

Nigeria managed to contain Ebola with world class efficiency precision and quite frankly impressive coordination. That there is professionalism within the ranks of government with the right political backing is without doubt. Why a rag tag bunch of militias are still running around blowing things up, abducting girls and generally embarrassing your entire regime with a seemingly helpless armed forces has only one explanation. The government lets them do it.

Its either they need the threat ongoing in order to keep receiving defence dollars from the US and its allies or its a political play to exterminate the threat just before the elections. Either way its pathetic. The other day Soldiers were run out of their barracks. As in where does that happen? Soldiers abandoning their post. I thought barracks were well stocked with food, munitions and the like to sustain a siege? Well what do I know ?

I wonder where this will end. Will the Americans deliver democracy to the Nigerians?