Blackberry GPS

Over the past few days ave been trying to get the gps on my Blackberry 8830 (sold by Verizon wireless) to work with little success. .  .Google has always been my best Internet friend and as usual I fired her up and searched away.

I must say the results were truly shocking. Apparently Verizon wireless(the American telcom  company) had locked the gps functionality at the OS level. now to understand this, we need an analogy. Its like Safaricom selling you a phone which clearly has FM radio but having it disabled for no good reason and with no explanation. And then a few months later, offering a service to listen to your favorite station. . . for a fee.

Confused? thinking they cant do that? Well they did it to those in the land of the free. . . Granted, I didnt buy it from verizon and am sure ave messed with it enough times to void the warranty but why I shouldnt be able to use the inbuilt fully autonomous gps is byond me. .

Being a lover of hacks and workarounds, I tinkered around and found out there is a hidden Engineering screen normally locked to regular users that you can use to tweak your berry. So I got it open and started fiddling around. . .

long story short is that it still doesn't work and am now willing to pay someone to get the darn thing working. . .(I now understand why women care little about how a car works and just need it to move them from A to B . . .I just want GPS in my Google maps. . the details are killing me. . )

Anyhoo. . maybe a good nights sleep is gonna be the silver bullet. . Adios

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