Biometric Voter Registration Kits

If I have ever seen a load of bull crap, it is in these fangled kits.

You would think the damn things would win any match against deep blue. Or each and everyone of these kits will deliver vision 2030 at the constituencies where they will be situated. The hype and jargon nonsense spewed by otherwise smart looking fellows like Isaack Hassan, the IEBC would lead you to believe that this is technology that has never been seen on this side of the continent before.

And to add insult to injury, they say that we will ‘borrow’ the Ghanaian guy who runs Ghana’s ¬†elections to come show us how a laptop,Camera,and fingerprint scanner works. That is all these fangled kits are by the way. Possibly the cheapest laptop,cheapest camera and some cheap french made fingerprint scanner that will be used to register voters.

Are laptops impossible to source locally? Or cameras? How about fingerprint scanners? So what is so complex about finding models of each of the three gadgets that are most compatible with each other and floating tenders for the supply of the damn things? What’s the idea with using fangled terms like BVR kits and deciding the only people capable of ¬†delivering this impossibly complex technology are an unknown French company that is contracted by a Canadian company that is being payed by a loan procured from Standard Chartered Bank(with no explanation whatsoever as to how,why the bank was picked) that will be repaid by the Kenya Government.

There are many fishy things going on that are going on with this deal and I can only conclude that campaign funds are being sourced from government contracts as is the case during all elections.

Question is what are the working class going to do about it?