Best Kenyan Ads of all time

Advertising has got to be the best story giving medium there is what with the constrained time that they are allocated and the commercial motives behind their production.

A good advertisement does wonders for a product and leaves such a lasting impression whos value far surpasses the initial investment that went into making it.

If you manage to cram a story, humor and a message into an ad without making it look rushed then you have your lasting impression right there.

Here is a collection of Kenyan focused ads that did it for me in terms of creativity,  originality, humor and product placement.

Trust condoms have always been marketed by the most creative ads in the kenyan space as far as I can tell. The ads below are many years old but their creativity and originality have not been surpassed to date.

Jamii telekom (A local telecoms company) have been pushing their FTTH product pretty hard over the last couple of months promising glorious speeds to their users. These ads that have been running on mainstream TV have really helped the brand along and Faiba is now slang for awesome (atleast around my circles)

This is the Iconic ad by Safaricom that sought to rally the patriotism of kenyans and associate it with their brand. Worked perfectly. There are some awesome shots of rarely before seen sceney that puts the boring campaigns by Magical Kenya to shame

This is a series of ads by Kencell the predecessor of Celtel,Zain and now Airtel. This was at the height of their media battles with Safaricom when they were the only two mobile phone companies in the country.

This is part of a media campaign of the Duracoat house paint brand hyping their product. Pretty funny and communicated well.

Yu Kenya taga mayai

Yu Kenya call rate guy

Fresh Freddy was a media campaign by Close- Up to sell toothpaste. It was funny and very entertaining.

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  • Paul Karingithi

    Correction Fresh Freddy wasnt by colgate…it was by close up

    • Thanks for the catch. I have updated the post.