Beauty in the eye of the beholder

Much has been said on what really defines beauty what with some saying the beautiful are not yet born others escaping into idealism and stating that everyone has inner beauty and yet others are too wasted to notice the difference. 

I personally think we are full of crap. We keep telling our women not to wear weaves, not to apply those bleaching lotions, and not to try inflating their bums and boobs with stuff in syringes. We say this is western culture and we should be proud of our local African heritage yada yada yada. . 

Hold on.

We used to maim ourself in the name of beauty too. Kwanza ours was worse than any of the stuff western surgeons perform. Like the chick with the disk in her lips. Am sure many would prefer botox to that.  . Then we have the Sudanese with their tattoos. Couldn't get a picture but you know what I mean. And don't even get me started on FGM. We were/are a sick bunch. 

That we get on the high horse and harp on about how our youth are being eroded and how miniskirts are the devils invention, I would like to invite y'all to go through your folks picture albums. The wore belts for skirts and buttons had not been invented for the dudes shirts.  and this was without MTV or Bendover. 

Our folks act like they were never young and irresponsible. Like we invented rebellion and getting wasted. Like we no longer have any values and are just after a quick buck and self gratification. Its like they were born , then they had us. Too bad we have the History channel showing hippies high on several things.  

As Riley freeman of the Boondcks fame would say. . ."Nigga Please. . . . "

  • jporu_san

    Nigga please… nice one… I think I should start blogging soon…

    • mwangy

      Yea you should. . . .Its so much fun. .