Things are not as they seem

I was inspired by Joy of Lamusicjunkie¬†to do a post today. Thanks for that Joy, ¬†Well in. Funny how writers block is murdered so easily and effortlessly. Ive always been a curious one and nothing puts me in a binder more than being so sure of myself then being proven so wrong. It is always […]

Boko Haram

Its not every day that you come across a terrorist outfit that falls over itself to identify its philosophy or rather pathology to ignorance and the disdain of education and development. Boko Haram has gained infamy worldwide for its brazen acts of well. . terror. On April 14th 2014 230 girls were abducted from a […]

My take on the Israeli occupation

At the risk of getting permanently banned from Israel I will write about them and the Palestinians. It is one of the most puzzling ‘conflicts’ of our time. watching the mainstream news networks you would think Hamas have tanks and rockets and could also possibly launch nuclear warheads at Tel Aviv. This is until you […]

Illicit brew

The US tried to outlaw booze for a while and the resulting criminal underworld that thrived due to its underworld trade nearly brought cities like Chicago to its knees neck deep in gang wars led by the likes of Al Capone. Its rather daft to ban a popular drug/drink or substance that has desirable effects […]

House of Cards

You gotta love Frank Underwood. Or hate him intensely. There are no middle grounds when it comes to emotions on how you feel about him. He lies, manipulates, murders and destroys people with such regularity that you wonder what exactly is wrong with everyone around him that they do not recognize his conniving ways. I […]