Are you really as bright as you think? . . .

Leo has been too long. . . I move for Kenya to adopt daylight saving
time n slash the day to end @ 3pm . . yea yea I know tough luck. .
Anyhoo, was munching on som succulent roast maize leo that I had
bought for 10 bob when a conversation I had overheard amongst a couple
of pastoralists came to mind. .

Th 3 or so Maasai herdsmen were seated on the road side resting after
trekking for enough days and I happened to be seated not too far away
resting my gangly bones too(don’t ask me why there.. . ) there was a
guy roasting maize across from where we were seated and my buddy whom
I was with could understand what the herdsmn were saying as they
talked animatedly and gestating towards the guy roasting the maize. .
. when he (my buddy) started giggling, I pushed him to share the joke.
. . .he declined and told me he would tell me later. . . .

when I finally got it out of him, He explained that the Maasai’s think
the local agrarian folk aren’t very bright. According to them we tend
to our maize crop for months on end , fighting off weeds with an
arsenal of chemicals and jembes, painstakingly wait and pray for
rainfall to fall according to our plants and when we finally harvest,
sell off a whole cob for 5 bob. . .

His herd on the other hand in the same period will have produced
several more kids, calves and whatever camel offspring are called. . .
.all for a total worth of several hundred thousand (courtesy of the
camel apparently they cost afew arms and legs)

Couldn’t help but agree with the herdsman dude coz the cows provide
milk, they build with their shit and generally all they do is walk for
miles. A regular wanjiku on the farm will have dug up an acre of
farmland, planted, weeded shooed off goats, cows, and at times
elephants from her crop which will if there is severe shortage fetch
at most a few thousand shillings. That is if she isn’t planning on
feeding her family on Githeri for the rest of the month. . .

Most people think Maasais are daft for following animals all there
life and protecting them like there’s no tomorrow. . . .if you think
bout it, we do the same with land. . . .yet for most people it earns
them a pitiful living. . . .

So the next time you see someone you think you outrank on the IQ
scale. . . Take another look. . .

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  • Haha, I admire these folk who have stayed true to their culture. It takes a higher level of conviction.

    • mwangy

      yea. . we think we are brighter than them. . .shock on us!!. . . .lol . . .