Antivirus Software

For a long time I had been a staunch advocate for Kaspersky’s Flag ship product , Kaspersky internet security as the most effective antimalware solution on the planet. . . . .This was shattered a week ago by a virus/ a combination of viruses that had been doing the rounds around campus.
On the fateful day I had disabled the resident shield for a few minutes because of kaspersky’s tendency to hog resources. . .. A flash drive inserted into my machine introduced the cyber version of the plague on my machine. . . . .it proceeded to disable the task manager, all of kaspersky,s services and embedded itself to all the applications on my system.

I have now come to learn that it is a combination of viruses one being called win32/sality and another being a worm called heur or something of the sort.
All the antivirus products I tried to install were not going past the installation as it blocked the starting of a particular core service.
The only product that could hold its own was AVG and I used it for a while . . .
After researching online some more I landed on Nod32 as the most effective heuristic analyzer thus more capable to remove even unknown viruses.
Heuristic analysis(as I understand it ) is the ability of an Antivirus to evaluate the
This is what am using now and results are more than acceptable.
It has minimal system footprint, simple and sounds geekish. . . .
I mistrust AVG seeing as they are offering it for free. . . . there must be a catch. . .
All in all I believe that Heuristic analysis engine is the most important component of an antivirus engine since there cant be any database that can remove a zero day virus/attack. . . .

  • Sie

    Try avast. So far it works 4 me. Btw, don bother wit database based anti virus …get those tat check virus behaviour as opposed to virus db definition. Hogs resourses but mo effective

    • kipsang

      I totally agree!