An Open Letter to Prof. Magoha

Dear Prof. Magoha,

This week has been a tough one huh? First your budget got all ruined seeing as renovation costs are gonna shoot through the roof, then you got on to the news for all the wrong reasons (and with the wrong tie!) then you get a young minister breathing down your neck and overturning you orders like pancakes in a pancake flipping contest . . . (pretty demeaning for an authority figure. . . am just saying. . ) the shit has truly hit the fan in your fancy office. .
But in all due respect even I saw it way back like a buffalo stampede in the horizon. . . I mean who couldn’t. . . .sure they dint think they would be stoning cars and get sent home, they expected you to concede some of that totalitarian grip , get with the program and do a comrades power with us. . . but noooo. . . you had to show who’s boss(which turns out aint you by the way) and shove it in our faces. . .surely you cant say you dint expect some stone throwing and vandalism?. . . .you did go through this campus right?.  . . My parents tell me they used to strike if they dint get hot chapatis @ lunch. . . compared to your lot, we seem a whole lot more reasonable. . . .so lets go through it again , last year you rig in a dude who is so obviously your crony and seeing as we be reasonable we let it slide. . . , but then the following year you try force him down our throats again? As in campus has run out of aspirants for the post for you to sponsor?. . . anyway. . .once you got some obvious resistance, you get goons to steal the ballot boxes and drive off in a university bus?. . .and then you expect students not to cause fracas?. . . not to be rude but you are either Terribly misinformed or very arrogant.
Students will be students the world over and they will fight for what they believe are their rights and will use whatever means necessary, even if it includes stoning hapless motorists coz that gets your attention. . . .People don’t be concieted that there were other channels open and that students have this lust for smashing into stuff and causing pandemonium, true its lotsa fun but it aint why its done. . . . The VC closes his door and we are supposed to do what exactly ? Go on a food strike? Nigga please. .  . .
This one is on his head. . . and I hope Ruto sucks up as much political mileage from this as possible. . . .
Mwangy out