All Things Mac

Over the past few weeks Samsung has sustained a rather impressive campaign hyping and trying to sell their latest flagship device the Samsung Galaxy SIII. From the spec sheet ,reviews and general chorus of wows around the planet I dare say they have made a remarkable gadget.

This is more so due to the fact that barely 3 years ago I would not touch their products with a stick. The Galaxy S3 will ride its wave and be the most popular device on the planet. . . . until the iPhone 5 checks in.

It happens time and again with Apple competitors spelling doom and gloom for all things apple only for the quarterly profit reports are released and the American public realizes the ‘dead’ company has more cash than their government. What does in all Apple competitors time and again is simply the modus operandi of Apple. They do not compete with the rest. They do their thing and they force everyone else to follow. Right now with their Retina display, They have effectively taken out the punch of advertising screen  resolutions. Its irrelevant now. The threshold has been passed. Now everyone else has to follow for Apple to be countered. I recently handled a brand new Macbook and the quality of the finish the look, the feel all made me feel like whoever’s money was spent was not wasted. Its pricey but nothing else beats it.

And I think that is why apple fanboys will never cede. Am an Ubuntu and open source lover but I at times get a headache when dealing with some problems that are inherent in open source systems.  Once I get resourceful enough I may just go Mac and never look back.