A log in the sand and heads buried in eyes

Of late ave noticed that guys(people in general) are really fond of suffering selective amnesia when their interests are threatened. 

A previous ruthless Dictator will at the drop of a hat become a humanitarian fighting for the rights of the common Mwananchi without even apologising for the past. The same effect is also applicable to huge swathes of the population commonly even encompassing an entire country.

A dude could be a convicted criminal but will be released , baptised by a bishop of fishy repute and be proclaimed the leader of the youth. Like anyone asked for a leader and who elected him anyway? He will then proceed to attend all manner of political rallies. All this while we cheer and the other politicians embrace him like a long lost brother. 

Then there are cops that assassinate guys (right outside the university of Nairobi) who threaten to expose their shady activities. During riots, a student is shot and after forensics the verdict is passed that the shot didn't come from a cops gun. So some student must have been shooting around in the crowd. After all these incidents, nothing is done and the guys responsible are still very much around going home everyday to their wives and kids with no fear of anything being done to them.

Reading the Wako report, it was clear the Government was very much aware of what was about to go down but took no action for probably political reasons. Any action on the organisers would have been interpreted as an attack on particular communities and would have been a PR nightmare. That kind of crap is what we need to get rid of. That political mileage can be a compromise to the economy, security of the countries citizens and free movement of persons and goods is a very warped way of thinking. 

But we gladly forget why we are in this mess to begin with and choose to slink back to amorphous 'homes' like tribe and where we were born. No one in this part of the world is pure anything. The common name Maina that is common in Kikuyu communities is a Kalenjin word and was borrowed probably because of heavy intermarriage or interaction.We ain't as different as we lead ourselves to believe. That we would be defensive of our tribes is absurd. Most of us cant even trace our lineage back 5 generations. I have been born a Kikuyu but 6 generations ago my forefathers might as well have been from the Sudan for all I know. All am saying is we draw our allegiance from all the wrong structures. Back in the day intermarriage was encouraged for whatever economic reasons but I maintain that was the way to go. Even guys who weren't killed during raids were absorbed into the communities and they went on to have kids and families in the new setting. These dudes who landed with their ships holding bibles in one hand and a gun in the other were here exporting their version of civilisation. We had all they had minus all the complications and fancy structures. But I digress, what was I talking bout again?

Oh yeah. . . we are always told to be civil and not overreact and to avoid getting angry. Now I think is the reason we are so messed up. We take everything lying down and choose to let it go coz we may not see how a few billions being stolen from the treasury influences the price of tomatoes at the market or if it increases my rent. If the prick thugging millions knew he was running the risk of being hauled to jail and get to meet Omundu strong's member face to face or back to back(you get the picture) and if that doesnt happen then a humongous crowd of angry citizens will rain down on his house and beat him senseless for feeling generous with their cash, I doubt he would go through with it. Don't get me wrong, I aint advocating for militias and beating up people at random or violence in general. Am against all the above . What am saying is we need to get angry when we hear of a scandal not just shake our heads and move on to the next. We need Anger for only intense emotion percolates into action. 

We only have two tribes in the country, The Rulers and the Subjects.

Vote wisely.