The Flat World

I must admit I keep finding new depths of my ignorance every time I look into a matter I thought I was an expert on.

For the longest time I presumed Galileo was the proponent of a spherical earth and that the catholic church was being frigid and refusing sense and subsequently placed him in house arrest for blasphemy. It turns out that at the time, a spherical earth was as obvious as it is today. ok maybe not they didn’t have satellites back then.

But the point is Aristotle and the other old greek mental badasses knew all this and in fact fellows like Eratosthenes had calculated the radius pretty accurately. Note these are guys whose best computer is an Abacus. The conflict was actually about whether the Earth revolved around the sun or vice versa.  If you don’t know the answer to this you are what is wrong with the world.

Running into his blog just threw even more of my assumptions into disarray. But then again they were not assumptions. Its what we have been taught since pre-school. However weird some of the stories in the bible sounded strange in the context of the Middle East and present day Israel we simply shrugged and swallowed it.  I mean we were kids any way with more pressing matters like where to get the shiniest marbles to play with.

Egyptian V
Egyptian V (Photo credit: yamaha_gangsta)


Reading conventional Eqyptian history or consuming popular media that claims to document Ancient Egyptian culture, tradition and peoples would lead you to think Ancient Egyptians were basically white with a bunch of black slaves. It would also appear that the Egyptian culture borrowed from e roman and the greek. The opposite is what happened. The dualistic nature of most religious systems including the popular motifs of a virgin birth, a divine son, resurrection etc are all Egyptian in Origin. And the Egyptians probably assimilated it from an older more sophisticated society from deeper in the continent.

Human life is thought to have started off somewhere in the region of L. Turkana, Kenya. The Petrified forests in the area are evidence that the area was once a lot more lush than the barren landscape that is existent now. The story of Eden is thus more likely to have been set in Africa rather than the Middle eastern junction of the Tigris and the Euphrates.


Egyptian Domesticated Animals
Egyptian Domesticated Animals (Photo credit: Believe Creative)
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Safaricom 3G underperforming

I intend to keep my interactions with Safaricom to a minimum because contrary to their impressive PR machine they are not affordable at all. I kinda like keeping money in my wallet where possible and Safaricom tends not to like that. Not that I have a problem with their profits or anything. I think anyone who is smart enough should make as much money from the market as is sensible. They also have the best Customer Service this side of the continent. That helps.

I am usually on orange for data and voice and mostly on Safaricom for MPesa.

Early last week, I got sent to Kwale by the office and knowing that the only hope of getting broadband here is through Safaricom, I promptly bought 1GB of data and prepared to instagram the sh** out of some palm trees. The experience I go was far from broadband and could only be described as EDGE on Heroin. I could barely do anything despite the network icon indicating I was on HSDPA+.

Side Bar::

When looking for todays weather forecast, came across this:

Can’t make this stuff up.

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Now for Safaricom to have such issues makes a mockery of the premiums they charge.

Thinking this was an extension of the Pwani-sio-Kenya vibe i tried it out when I went upcountry to Nyeri. The performance was better but more sluggish than expected. I discovered this morning that my case was not isolated and as of yet no word from the affable CEO to anyone from the rank and file. This may not register on the QoS dashboard of the line managers but I think a sizable no. of subscribers is affected.

Not a problem anymore for me though when in the city  since I am on Orange on the go and Wifi at work and home.




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