Counterfeit phones

So the CCK wants to shut down fake phones tonight as the culmination of months long campaign to get rid of counterfeiters in the mobile telephone space.

This campaign and the reasoning behind it reeks of opportunism and misplaced priorities. If the telecom companies knew all along that ‘fake’ phones were operating on their networks, why not deny them access? Granted this would need a concerted joint effort from all the players to prevent one player taking advantage and opening its doors to those holding fake phones. I for one support the idea of removing these gadgets that do not adhere to any standards and simple operations like connecting to the internet are a Herculean task.

That being said this displays the headless rooster behavior of the government. They allow the fake handsets into the country and then proceed to switch them off when it becomes inconvenient when the likes of Nokia want to set up research labs and other fancy sounding things. It is a PR campaign to ensure that the expensive brands get a virgin playing field and they can hike their prices as high as they want with zero competition from the Chinese.

Why not go the Indian way and legitimize the fake phones? Then plug the hole that allows them to come into the country in the first place. Then severely punish the peddlers. That will deter any business man from ordering them.

At the end of the day the consumers will pay for the sins of their leaders/policy makers.


This is the crappiest movie I have watched this year.

The incoherence, total lack of making sense and lack of depth is so annoying am surprised I finished it.

It starts off Awesome like any other sci-fi flick promising awesome insight into scientific topics and get some ignorance eradicated in the process.

And then it decides to abandon all science.

*Spoiler Alert*

The premise is that some ancient alien civilization visited earth thousands of years ago amongst varying civilizations and time periods. They came did their thing and all seemed to point out a star system where it is believed they came from. So a bunch of  enterprising Americans built a ship and shot for the weird constellation ofcourse.  2 years later they show up at the destination and proceed to explore.

First of all they find a structure in record time barely 5 mins after descending into the atmosphere and proceed to set up camp. Who does that? How bout flying around first seeing the rest of the planet maybe mapping where the oceans are etc. Its like walking into a village and sitting at the first hut you see.  Maybe there are bigger fancier structures or actual colonies/higher quality relics. The only impressive  tech from the Humans was the mapping ‘pups’ aside from the cryogenics which has become rather common place in space adventures. The pups were awesome and I can see how such tech could be super useful.

Secondly that Human alien dude guy was rather rude. And why is he portrayed like a savage murderous brute incapable of reason? I mean if thay are capable of rational thought and communication why the f*** would he bash in everyones head in without uttering a word? why were those alien guys pointing us this way if all they wanted to do was bash our heads in? Daft plot this one.

Also what was the point of the robot guy poisoning the doctor dude? What was that supposed to achieve? Also trying to get the chick to carry the pregnancy of the alien to term? None of that actually builds on the plot. There is no diabolical plan just incoherence.

*End of Spoiler*

The only character I liked was the captain’s played by Idris Elba. The scene where he solicits the boss was the only part of the flick that barely saved the horrid plot.

This movie is allover the place. We are shown advanced technology but wonder why the only living being that is woken up acts like a barbarian. And why target one random planet where they started life in the first place? And turns out its a prequel for the Aliens movie franchise if the closing scene is anything to go by.

This movie sucks.

Money: A Store Of Value Or a representative of Relationships?

Some things simply cant be valued. Its an exercise in futility . Its all based on perception, expectation and prior experience. This is most evident when it comes to prices of consumables. A bottle of tusker in Nairobi ranges from 80/- to 320/- depending on the premises you are sipping it at. The more money you have, the more you are expected to spend on the same thing.

I remember a story I was told of how money is really a representation of relationships and nothing more. Its not a store of value or a form of exchange as is commonly aluded. Here is the story as I remember it.

In a sleepy rural town somewhere in Europe, everyone was in debt and the mood was just gloomy with the residents wondering how it would work out.  Just when some were about to declare bankruptcy, a  rich foreigner shows up at the local hotel and decides to book the most expensive room for a week. He pays the 100 Euro fee upfront for the room, takes his key and heads for the stairs to go to his room. The hotel owner lady is super happy since she owes the local butcher 100 Euros for some meat he delivered a while back. She takes the note to him and the debt is cleared. The butcher in turn owes the local farmer for some pigs he delivered a week ago. He promptly pays his debt with the same note. The farmer is relieved because the town blacksmith was getting impatient with the money owed to him for the new hoes and plough he made the farmer. He rushes the bank note to him and clears his debt. The blacksmith in turn had been getting increasingly unconfortable seeing as Melinda, the call girl had been showing up at his shop rather frequently and tongues had started wagging. She was owed money by the blacksmith for several nights of service. He promptly delivered the cash to her and walked away smiling to himself for a good riddance. The call girl wasted no time and took the bank note immediately to the hotel owner seeing as she had been renting out the hotel room on credit when she came with a client. As soon as the call girl left, the rich man came down the stairs having not been satisfied with the state of the room and asked for his money back.

The hotel owner handed it back to him and the rich man left the town headed for the next one to look for a better room.

Now the whole town is debt free, people are happier and yet no actual money has been injected into the system or left with the people. The need was for a flow and the 100 Euros circulating cleared everyones debt and left people happier.

This is what convinced me that maybe just maybe the theory of money as a people connector may be right.

Think about it. Banks actually do nothing for economies other than play with money and generate no actual value but are the most consistent holders of power. They are consulted for everything. I think it is because they are a facilitator of relationships. They connect people through the medium of money and thus grow the economy by ensuring circulation of the percieved holder of value; money.

Zuku Triple play

So finally the guys at Zuku decided to let the cable cross into my neighborhood with their triple play service. Being the kimbelembele I am we are the first to have it installed. So Friday morning the guys show up all smiling and promising heaven. Installation was a breeze, took like 3 hrs only to find out they hadn’t spliced the fiber from the gate. I was getting late for work so I left hoping that they would resolve that maneno before I came back to the house. This was sorted in the evening and I was ready to ride the Zuku wave. The TV offerings are nice with many channels that cover all sorts of things from fashion to nature. I took the basic package and so I am rather limited but so far so good. May as well upgrade to the premium next month.

I must say the level of customer service and attention afforded by all I have dealt with so far has been outstanding starting from Rita the sales lady to Martin the installer guy. They are all young guys my age so maybe thats why.

Here are a couple of pics of the modem etc.




All in all for the price, getting Digital TV, a phone line and internet in one package is pretty awesome.

I would recommend it to all the digital slaves out there.


Recently upgraded from the base package to the premium package comprising of 80+ tv channels though most are things I never watch anyway and 8Mbps internet. I must say from the flack I have been hearing about zuku internet on internet forums I expected a horrible experience but I have had a pretty good time with the connection. I average bout 400kbps on a heavy download which is reasonable seeing as they gave me a fairly conspicuous FUP disclaimer. And this costs only an extra 1000 bob. Pretty sweet deal if they are going to maintain this for the coming months.

And the premium package also comes with a HD decoder. Not very useful for me and the old tv in the house but those with TVs that act like a wall this is a steal.