Dark Knight Rises

Watched what I hope will be the last of the batman trilogy today The Dark Knight Rises at the IMAX theaters and thank heavens I wasn’t dissapointed. I was rather crestfallen that it wasnt in 3D but the dialog and absolute bad assery of Bane won me over ASAP.

This movie is one for the record books in the philosophical and political angling that was infused in the story arch. Reminds me of that saying about the road to hell being paved with good intentions. Speaking of hell that jail where Bane resided was all kinds of crazy and that old blind doctor guy gave me life advice.

Anne Hathaway is a way sexier Cat woman than Halle Berry. She is fine as fudge and that leather body suit. . . sululu. .

As usual I dig deeper especially when a movie has had input from geniuses like Christopher Nolan. The political propaganda perpetuated by Bane as he took over Gotham city made parallels with the many cases of real world despots grabbing power and claiming it was the choice of the people. The leaders that claim the people, the citizens instructed them to liberate them are the most selfish decadent and despotic leaders. To use the public as a vehicle, to claim you know the promised land and that salvation is only through you is a true mark of a man/woman hell bent on absolute control ala the church.

The movie also seeks to reinforce the moral superiority of the Americans even in light of great betrayal. I cant help but think that in a macro socio-economic sense, Bruce wayne and by extension Wayne industries is a representation of the US State and Gotham City the world as it is today. Batman is the masked hand that protects the weak (small countries that play ball) against the oppressors (The alleged terrorists and other mean countries) The technological superiority and sheer arsenal that Bruce Wayne controls compares well to the similar arsenal and tech the US controls on the world stage. His reluctance to remain the hero and the internal fight to be the better man and sacrifice himself makes a lot of sense in the effort to perpetuate an image of a conflicted hero who has to do the dirty work and make all the seemingly impossible decisions. And somehow all these decisions are to the benefit of the citizens.

Or maybe I have had too much Githeri . . Again.

Daylight Robbery

I dont like getting robbed.

Before you start saying anything some people do. Ndio hiyo link.

I bought a bundle on Orange Kenyas 3G+ modem thinking I would use the bundle slowly over a long time. Shock on le me. The damn thing expires then you are supposed to know that somehow telepathically and reclaim it by rolling over into the next month. This is supposed to be done by topping up the modem with another bundle. Note that they dont bother to send you a reminder text or warning of any sort as to the tragedy about to befall your bundle



Now Tom Makau makes a good argument for the case for the telecom networks but I find this a preposterous QoS delivered by the respective telecom networks. This is because this is standard practice across all the networks. That I am billed for a service that I do not consume is rather thuggish. At the very least they should re-emburse the subscribers for the unused data otherwise they are robbing us under our noses.

I am submitting a report to the CCK on this but judging from previous responses I doubt I will get any help.


All Things Mac

Over the past few weeks Samsung has sustained a rather impressive campaign hyping and trying to sell their latest flagship device the Samsung Galaxy SIII. From the spec sheet ,reviews and general chorus of wows around the planet I dare say they have made a remarkable gadget.

This is more so due to the fact that barely 3 years ago I would not touch their products with a stick. The Galaxy S3 will ride its wave and be the most popular device on the planet. . . . until the iPhone 5 checks in.

It happens time and again with Apple competitors spelling doom and gloom for all things apple only for the quarterly profit reports are released and the American public realizes the ‘dead’ company has more cash than their government. What does in all Apple competitors time and again is simply the modus operandi of Apple. They do not compete with the rest. They do their thing and they force everyone else to follow. Right now with their Retina display, They have effectively taken out the punch of advertising screen  resolutions. Its irrelevant now. The threshold has been passed. Now everyone else has to follow for Apple to be countered. I recently handled a brand new Macbook and the quality of the finish the look, the feel all made me feel like whoever’s money was spent was not wasted. Its pricey but nothing else beats it.

And I think that is why apple fanboys will never cede. Am an Ubuntu and open source lover but I at times get a headache when dealing with some problems that are inherent in open source systems.  Once I get resourceful enough I may just go Mac and never look back.