Samsung Galaxy Pocket

I finally got rid of the Blackberry storm after thoroughly being disappointed by its battery life, app store and general pain in the tush in using internet services.

The way they market the BIS service you would think it has some kind of über superior advantage over the regular data network but it’s actually more limited. You can’t YouTube. On Orange Kenya network, BIS totally refused to connect on 3G for me at least. I understand why Blackberry is dying now.

I moved swiftly lest the condition of being smart phone less caught on and became permanent (nimetema hayo mate!) and scored myself the cheapest android phone I could get that had the best bang for buck. At the time my options were the Alcatel one touch 918 and the Samsung Galaxy Pocket .

Of course Safaricom sales agents being the regular douche-bags they are did not tell me that Huawei were about to upgrade the U8150 Ideos with a pimped cooler snapdragon sporting older cousin in the form of Huawei Ascend y 100.

But the heart was firmly with the Samsung pocket and the 2 year warranty wasn’t sounding too bad from where I was seated. I still haven’t gotten my free 500mbs from safaricom and am getting rather bored with the back n forth exchange with the customer care.

The phone is rather nice to hold and feels too plasticky as have all Samsungs since time immemorial. This I remember is why I detested and resisted buying a Samsung handset for many years. In retrospect this may be a reason why I should buy Samsung phones since I drop my phone more times than I sneeze. Compact solid phones dropped on hard surfaces crack. Plasticky phones just bounce. Samsung 1 Others 0

I will spare you details on the specs. These are easily googled and I am not google. I love the battery life since i easily do a whole day on intensive use. The camera is a hopeless 2 megapixel  machine. Absolutely nothing to talk about. The galaxy moniker is thoroughly embarrassed by this camera. This touchwiz interface is also annoying and ugly at times I don’t like the rigidity much and would rather have the vanilla android interface.

That being said , I cant wait for the fellas over at XDA or Cyanogen to come up with a proper custom ROM for this baby and I will jump ship faster than you can say a ship. And the 1 gb system memory and 2 gb user memory means I can install as many apps as I want without worrying bout space or pushing them onto an sd card. That is just awesome. Samsung 1 Others 0

I am also annoyed by its random hanging and crashing and leaving me with a crappy screen with a droid and ” CP crash upload mode” displaying.Till I have another smartphone to use I am not about to take it back to the shop. I have 2 years warranty anyway.

Other than that its awesome.


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Middle class

Clearly the middle class status has landed in Nairobi at least. Where money flows like champagne only no-one notices the sinks are the same but the taps are as varied as they are numerous. We have summer bunnies who have spent their years washing geriatric patients in some frozen american state coming home to ball the hard-earned dollars. We have drug lords setting camp and getting even cozier with the politics of the country. We have elaborately run monopolies with near comical facades of competition case in point Brookside dairy that owns Tuzo, Daima, Fresha e.t.c Kenya Power is a publicly listed company with not so directly identifiable “foreign shareholders” holding a monopoly on power transmission. And it goes on n on.

The multinationals are streaming in and finally our roads are beginning to take shape, KFC is just around the corner and 3G coverage is like pothole coverage circa 1998. Life does seem to be good and looking up for the perennially shortchanged Africans. On that note, is it other nations responsibility to help Africans or are we just a lazy bunch who got the short end of the geography stick? Ave read Niall Ferguson’s book, Guns germs and Steel and I think he has the plot right. I think we need to stop whining and start working. Twitter helps solve things doesn’t actually do the solving. We have come to rely on a medium as an authority rather than the resource at the end of that medium.