Kony 2012

Ok. There is this Kony 2012 lot. The first 5 minutes of the ‘video masterpiece’ is composed of the movie maker dotting over his son and trying to explain to him why Kony is a bad man. The kid is more interested in teletubbies for crying out loud. And besides Why did he have to fly thousands of miles to go into a jungle somewhere to go fish out a kid who was allegedly abducted by a seemingly invincible militia leader? Why not make a Bush2012 video? He is responsible for two wars, countless deaths, destruction of societies and terrorism. Why not advocate for his arrest?

This is just an elaborate ploy by the Us govt to setup an Africa command and the imperialism will be complete. it reeks of pity and using his own clueless son is just dispensable. What 5 year old wants to be told there are other guys just like him half a hemisphere away that are forced to kill their parents? This is indoctrination of violence.

And then there is the fact that Kony left north Uganda 6years ago. They kinda forgot to emphasize that bit and instead decided that painting him as a mad,evil mastermind is more worthwhile. Also that Museveni used the same strategy of forcibly recruiting child soldiers to gain power is conveniently never mentioned.

Of Arrogance

It appears nowadays arrogance is the new swag. Everyone is falling over themselves trying to be as arrogant and as rude as possible mistaking it for some kind of evidence to having ‘made it’.

A few nights ago I watched as Lillian Muli of Citizen TV attempted to interview the medical services minister Prof. Nyong’o on the impasse between the nurses and the government. Needless to say she wound up being lectured by the good prof who also walked out of the studio prematurely.

It was a rude showing for a minister human being to treat another like an incompetent professional in their own turf. Granted am not a fan of mainstream media but to accept an invitation for an interview and proceed to bulldoze your host hardly seems fair.

The late Hon. Michuki exemplified this to jaw dropping levels. I am aware that talking bout a guys character after his death is considered cowardly or something of the sort. I just don’t have a better example that can easily illustrate what I mean. It is assumed he got his attitude from the days of being a colonial officer but I don’t see how the two are related. Holding a post doesn’t make you arrogant. Being fundamentally arrogant does. The post just brings it out.

Another amazingly arrogant/proud character is the judge that decided that Bashir ought to be arrested should he step foot in the country. I do not doubt his judgement but watching his interview and the way he talked to the interviewer clearly reeked of arrogance and a sense of entitlement that would be intimidating to anyone seeking justice in his office. He even recounted how he sued a friend over details of a house he was purchasing from him. I rest my case.

Arrogance is a wall that shields you from experiences offered by others and leads to a rather lonely existence what with the protagonist imagining the world revolves around them.

I wouldn’t advocate for it.