Download Rain Now!

I take great offence when taken for a complete moron especially by foreigners who think throwing around words like server and electromagnetic waves will throw me offguard and mesmerize me. Two australian guys were today on the news claiming they can control rain clouds using servers and beaming electromagnetic waves to the clouds and shepherd them like goats to the desert and make it rain there. All for 900 million bob.

I have not heard so much crap since Zuma talking about taking a shower to get rid of AIDS. First of all why do such pseudoscientists get airtime on local TV? Is there no-one who did more than form 2 physics near the editorial team?

Secondly why did they not approach the met department with their fancy tech? And 3rd, they have no affiliation to the australian authorities in charge of all things weather down south.

Fourth, the met dept has their own rain making scheme ongoing.

We were colonised once. That was daft of us. This is simply an insult.

Half a billion Later. . .

As should be obvious to anyone who has read any kenyan news in recent times , raising money for the fake famine in turkana is all the rage.

Over the last week all the major telcos, blue chip companies and just about every other corporate taxpayer have been tripping over themselves to contribute their millions usually assigned to the CSR department to be handed over to the able hands of Abbas Gullet, the top honcho at Kenya’s Redcross.


Ofcourse this is a laudable effort but am not seeing a goal in all this.

The original goal was to collect 500 million Shillings for the ‘crisis’ in the north with the residents of Turkana, the land of the Jade sea, doing the ritual begging for food. Funny because there are guys in the same district with bumper harvests.

Anyhoo, the kenya redcross is buying unimix to feed the children and the frail women as emergency rations to keep them alive. Ok. So we need 500 million for that? I know auditing firms are going to be monitoring and will compile a report but I have to say money cannot lack a use. Give me a billion dollars and I will spend it in a week auditor or not.

Why is there no actual figure to be raised? I assume with modern tech we can have near realtime satellite imagery of the region, GPS handhelds for easy navigation and we have a rough figure of how many are actually in danger of malnutrition and ill health due to no access to food. So a concrete figure should be arrived at that will stave off the deaths and suffering. But now the consortium behind kenyans for kenyans wants to raise a billion shillings. For what? Are we just raising money because it is fashionable to do so and the faces of children crawling with flies is too realistic on our twitter timelines? 

How much do we really need?

Nigeria’s agony dwarfs Gulf oil spill

The reason Africa is called the dark continent is because western media simply doesn’t cover the continents issues. But then why should they?  Its a different continent all together.