So I started blogging thinking ad be talking bout geeky stuff all the time . . . then I got derailed and now talk about the sun and whats beneath it. . . Not that I mind. It is my blog anyway. 

So I figured ad talk abit bout my experience with ubuntu so far. 

For those in the Green (or is it the blue?) Ubuntu is an Operating system. Just like windows xp/vista/7 or mac Os . Simply put it runs your Computers Hardware. Think of it as the subconcious of your pc. Like you dont think about breathing or chewing or regulating your blood sugar level. Your body systems do that. Same case with the OS. Its like your 'Pc System' it supports everything else you decide to do with the comp. 

So some time back I got tired of constantly looking for antivirus updates and being careful with peoples flashdisks and decided to try out Linux in general and Ubuntu to be specific.

Installation was a breeze and my old bucket seemd to not groan under the demands of the new software. . It was pretty slick and came preinstalled with most of what I needed to use anyway. only drawback at the time was dependence on the internet to download any drivers I needed since the campus fraternity ain't too resourceful when it comes to open source software and lets not even get started with campus net or lack thereof.  Anyhoo being Mwangy the Great this was no biggy and I proceeded to get hooked to the big bad web and download the necessary codecs and updates. Ubuntu comes with the stock browser as Firefox and open office and what not such that out of the box you can do most of the things you do on a regular day

I was now virus free, and had extra geek points for being the only dude running linux in my hostel. Firing up the terminal and launching software from it earned me super geek status especially from guys who couldnt differentiate between pentium and intel or understand why running two antiviruses can be detrimental. runing sudo apt-get update left the entire room silent. . . .All the same I chilled as the Ubuntu king for a bit before I got bored with their collection of games. I mean lets face it blowing up evil aliens to smithereens is maddening fun and since I couldn't get that (or rather get it easily) on ubuntu I had to resort to dual boot with windows XP. Installing stuff like graphics hungry games is a royal pain on linux because of the cowboy nature of opensource software that struggles to keep up with advancing tech and new releases by hardware manufactureres. sure there are virtual box softwares but its never really the same when the games/ applications cant access the actual hardware natively. And right there is where my patience run out. No beef with  Mr. Linus Torvalds (the guy who made the linux kernel)but am gna stick to bill Gates'  atleast where gaming is concerned. 

Am still an ubuntu user ,never tried suse or bsd maybe I will some time but I like my OS's like I would like my car to be,light, not fussy, and do its damn job with as little drama or effort as necessary while allowing me for some experimentation. Ubuntu does that for me.


Relationships are funny things. Thats maybe why am still not in one (or so I tell myself). Funny or not they are necessary and without them nothing makes sense. Am not talking about exclusively romantic relationships but generally relations between humans be it with family, colleagues or superiors. 

The only difference in the future between you and the guy seated next to you in that class or planted in the next booth at your work place is the quality  and quantity of relationships he has with peers, potential employers and how he/she navigates the society.  Its how nobodies become powerful and some of those born with the proverbial silver spoon in their mouths wind up selling Waru's in City market. as a testament to the weirdness that surrounds the phenomena of human relations, countless movies have been shot depicting Aliens baffled by the attachment humans have for each other. most consider it a weakness that will lead mankind to its downfall while other extraterrestrials deem it our only strength. All of this is fiction of course but such works of art clearly show even movie directors mull over the same thing I do. 

There really is no sure method designed to ensure a perfect relationship with everyone around you and any attempt to be a goody two shoes is bound to fail miserably like Kiraitu Muriungi's jokes. . . all there is is to try your best and remember your options. You always have options . . always.

Facebook Generation

I have heard all manner of conspiracy theories as to the origin and intent of facebook from it being a CIA front hell bent on gathering as much info on everyone as possible to it being Mark Zuckerberg’s pet project of ruling the world.

I have no idea what its intentions are but such speculations are clearly not affecting the worlds youth as they hop on to the bandwagon.

Idiots Guide to Mombasa Funtimes

Not that am calling you an idiot just that we have to take care of everyone including the bottom of the food chain e.t.c.

Now up till December of 2010 I was one of the few kenyans (all 3 of us) who had not gone down to Mombasa for any holiday of any sort. Yes I am that behind the times and freakin proud of it. It always afforded me the snobbish right to say I aint like common folk who do cliche' things like go to coast for Dec holidays. So much for that. This post is for those who have never been there yet and want to avoid cliche' things simply because they are lame.

First off a few myths that were resident in my brain need to be dispelled.

  • Its not that hot. Granted if you are indoors without a fan you are screwed but outside its just like Nairobi sun.
  • Its not Miami people dress normally down there you wont see chicks in bikinis in the streets or guys in those flower patterned shirts and beach shorts and shades.
  • Predominant language is barely swahili. In my stay there there were more guys korogain kyuk than anything else. Wasapere have spread everywhere. . .we are like some endemic parasite.
  • Mombasa is dirty any way you look at it, you would think with all that water around the joint would be clean.
  • It rarely rains. Even my ocha trumps it.
Now in order to be cliche' free you need to observe some guidelines namely:

  • Dress kawaida yaani unless you are going to the beach avoid beach shorts, fancy sandals and vests or funny tropical shirts. you stink of being from bara from a mile away.
  • Don't try talk with a swahili accent. the locals will pick up the pathetic attempt and you will still buy the the kanga at a ridiculously inflated price.
  • If its your first time, grab a local friend and let him be your guide. it will be cheaper and you will get to see/experience more stuff that way.
  • Do not And I repeat DO NOT entrust your date to a beach boy to show her how to swim. You might as well hand her over to a rapist.
  • Avoid fishy people with all sorts of great advice. If you have a plan stick to it. . .Being random is not so smart. .  
  • Have a properly lined wallet/purse. Fun is not for free.
Needless to say I had a blast and I can see myself owning beach front property in my future. I also saw how lobsters are cooked. My goshness those cooks are the meanest most evil people I have ever seen. They simply dropped the live lobsters into boiling water with the pincers flailing about. Like they dint kill them first ivo tu chubwii. . . I am now a firm believer of Re-incarnation because I cannot see any other plausible reason for the existence of people like Idi Amin, Pol Pot,Nero e.t.c they must ave been lobsters in their previous life.

Anyhoo that was nice trip will be gong back soon.