So today was a cool day. 

Started with my ol' lady flossing her new leather handbags that she got for a sweet deal in the only uncolonized country on the continent. Just before I started yawning I spotted the complimentary unisex bag they were given by the conference organizers. My oh my. If you want leather goods, get your arse past the shiftas and you will be in leather heaven. The complimentary bag is made of the sexiest leather ave seen. (haven't seen much, though there are enough goats back home. . . ). Needless to say my lecture notes now stick their tongues out at my colleagues books. 

So after she was off I go about leaving the hood when I bump into the dude manning the gate. After a short conversation none of which I can remember am off to catch a jav. The kange starts off with 30 bob to tao. Nobody moves a muscle. Me and the lady with a huge Gunia give him the blankest stare this side of the limpopo and he concedes. "20 bob tao." he reluctantly mutters. The mat is full before he has to repeat his offer to a sneering public. These guys at times have it rough. After alighting the mat, I am almost run over twice but somehow make it into the engineering wing on campus. Two hawt chicks follow me into a lecture room but they have those funny water bottles dangling from their fingers. I feel nauseous and differ launching my bid for a stake in sugar-land. As I get down to copying the offending notes I subconsciously reach for my Zune to drown myself in some soul or head banging rock only to remember I lent it to some kid who decided he needs MY Zune more than I do. Crap. Am gonna have to do this in silence. Halfway through I remember a pal is graduating tomorrow. A phone call later and she has scored herself lunch courtesy of me. How does this always happen?

When she said give me 20 mins I should have heard an hour because she arrives 1.5hrs later. Not that I mind. She is over the moon, Jupiter and Neptune about tomorrow. My happenstance earns me a trip to the dress maker to pass my judgement on her outfit for her big day. She looks smashing. I think she knew that already. Off we go to stack up our tumbos and am sure you can guess where we went. Greenview restaurant next to Jamia mall (I dunno the street name) .Those guys know how to feed a man and feed him good at that. The place is overflowing with customers. Some two chicks are unceremoniously bundled out of a table for two as soon as the stocky waitress noticed they were just sipping on water. To say that that was rude would be an understatement but we were hungry and needed a table. And besides I didn't do it myself. Needless to say I struggle to finish my meal which is always a good sign, while my Take-me-to-luncher concedes and has her leftovers (which was like half the meal by the way) packed. Good thing I din't have a class in the afternoon because I would otherwise have been totally gone over unto the dark side (read slept like a baby).

I trudge back to campus after promising to buy the lunch-extorter-graduator bling tomorrow. As I mull over going home or going to the campus hostels I bump into a pal who offers to treat me to yogurt. He might have as well fed me endorphines. We head to Uchumi as we discuss the usual. He says his get-a-chick operation (I was also a signatory) ain't looking as tactical as it did at the start of the semester. I concur and admit am thinking it ain't such a good idea after all. And just like that the operation is aborted. Men are damn quick at making decisions. A Delamere yogurt and 7 lines of notes later, am headed home and as usual Matatus on Waiyaki way are scarce. I manage to secure a seat in a rickety mat after elbowing myself through a doorway the size of Jerry's (of Tom and Jerry) little opening in the wall. 

Getting home is always a relief. . .  

How was your day?