Am lazy. Like reaally lazy. But am working on it. Was thinking of ranting today but its such hard work. . . speaking of which I describe myself as a student yet never talk bout school. . .tut tut. . .am a bad school goer. . on that note why is it that we rarely ever use anything we learn in class but the stuff we learn outside in the playgrounds, dorms, kitchen and during funkies is what will guide us through the rest of our lives? The real education is out there in the micro world that is the school compound not the lessons about surds and glaciers in Switzerland.

Anyway where was I? damnit I lost myself again. . .anyhoo. . .Human nature really confuses me at times. Was watchin this episode of cold case ssn 3. So long story short, some creepy dude picks up teens and tells them he is gna kill them and asks them to choose where they will be buried. The dudes actually comply after going through the denial-depression-acceptance cycle. Now my confusion starts when you realise you are facing certain death and you do nothing about it. Like I think ad at least go down with the guy not let some dude just bury me coz he feels like it. But I guess when you are young and psychologically tortured, then fighting ain’t an option (that you consider) Strange. . . .Now I see what psychologists do. . . 

N dont you just not like know it all guys like these?


A day full of Bargains



What I found there made me look and sound like a kid in a candy store. the variety of pure leather footwear was overwhelming. The shops are nicely arranged, clean and the attendants don’t even hustle you for the sale.
You could go through their merchandise even make them extract samples from some impossible locations but they wont show any hint of being irritated. I remember this one dude who even helped me fit a shoe that I wound up not buying. The guy went ahead to show me another shop stocking even better footwear. All the time being easy and polite.


Try fitting a shoe in a muhindi’s shop then sema you don’t like it and walk out of the shop bila buying anything. Some will even hurl insults at you as you leave as I found out the other day (now understand why muhindis aint liked much) but I digress. . . where was I  . .ahh beautiful affordable footwear. As I said the variety is mouth watering and suits each and every taste.  The products may not be genuine labels but they are leather nonetheless. Am so going back. Didn’t take pictures to avoid looking suspicious. .


One of the malls/supermarket/exhibition we walked into even had a food court on one of the upper floors. The entire Neighborhood was abuzz with activity like I haven’t seen before. Though am told its not very safe, my experience was pleasant to say the least.


When the viatu Business was done, ’twas time for fun tumbo times a.k.a dealing with stomach rumblings. Again my pal suggested Greenview Restaurant near Jamia mall. Now whoever the proprietor of this fine establishment is, I salute you. I have never been that satisfied by 300/- before. The plate was literally overflowing with fries and fish fingers and well done at that.
If the owner makes a profit, then all other Restaurants are an elaborate scam. The pics are off the meal I had. Am so going back there too.


The real size of Africa

Came across this graphic posted by @toneendungu on Twirra.

To say I was picking up my jaw from the floor would be an understatement. The USA landmass doesnt even fill up the sahara area and yet in the atlases it appears bigger than Africa! Ladies and gentlemen it appears these colonialists really had us by the scruff of the neck. They say perception is everythng and from what is taught in African classrooms and printed in our geography books, we are screwed.

Granted am a dedicated conspiracy theorist and there is nothing I relish more than busting a myth or uncovering elaborate misdirections of truth.

The Mercator projection invented by this dood is the most widely used projection of the geoid we call our planet. N.B am not saying this dude was an agent of the illuminati plotting to keep Africans in the dark by under stating the size of Africa but come on. . look at the graphic. . . .Africa is humongous, save for disease, murderous puppet dictators and poor investment in agriculture, we could have billions of Africans and outnumber all these white folk(not being racist). I personally don’t buy this family planning business. . . Every time I have a road trip, most of the landscape I see is uninhabited, and thats just within my line of sight. there are millions of acres of hinterland still unexploited all over the country. The same goes for the rest of Africa. 

So please this month instead of doing your own breast exam (applies to dudes too. .. . . yes you have breasts) have someone with different anatomy do it and lets fill this revolver-shaped continent of ours. . .

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Seeing as am perennialy late for anything and everything (if you are a future employer or date please ignore this line) recognition of October being breast cancer awareness month is landing now.

I dont know anybody with cancer. At least I don’t think I do. That being said its a terrible affliction to be accosted by and pray to the powers that be that I gain absolutely zero experience dealing with it whether personally or via a loved one. 

There is little point ploughing through statistics that are easily found on the interwebs. Numbers are boring and that makes me boring. For ladies, simply get your boobs felt regularly.

For dudes study your lineage. any history spells trouble. Dont be an ignorant fool. Be prepared. we all die anyway. its dying from something avoidable that we deem daft. 


The other day I came across this site . Also came across this Video on youtube 

Brilliant site and video if you ask me and it got me thinking about how self conscious we are. We perceive ourselves as original authentic  unique beings unlike anyone else on the planet yet we discard the fact that we are all from the same blueprint. Your fears are not so different from mine or the dude you pass on the street.

Our brains are machines, albeit biological ones. They have a purpose. Keep us alive long enough to see that we have provided for our offspring well enough for them to provide for themselves. The rest are details.