Blackberry GPS

Over the past few days ave been trying to get the gps on my Blackberry 8830 (sold by Verizon wireless) to work with little success. .  .Google has always been my best Internet friend and as usual I fired her up and searched away.

I must say the results were truly shocking. Apparently Verizon wireless(the American telcom  company) had locked the gps functionality at the OS level. now to understand this, we need an analogy. Its like Safaricom selling you a phone which clearly has FM radio but having it disabled for no good reason and with no explanation. And then a few months later, offering a service to listen to your favorite station. . . for a fee.

Confused? thinking they cant do that? Well they did it to those in the land of the free. . . Granted, I didnt buy it from verizon and am sure ave messed with it enough times to void the warranty but why I shouldnt be able to use the inbuilt fully autonomous gps is byond me. .

Being a lover of hacks and workarounds, I tinkered around and found out there is a hidden Engineering screen normally locked to regular users that you can use to tweak your berry. So I got it open and started fiddling around. . .

long story short is that it still doesn't work and am now willing to pay someone to get the darn thing working. . .(I now understand why women care little about how a car works and just need it to move them from A to B . . .I just want GPS in my Google maps. . the details are killing me. . )

Anyhoo. . maybe a good nights sleep is gonna be the silver bullet. . Adios

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My new favorite tracks

These two have made it onto being amongst my favorite tracks . . . . .they are both from the movie The Losers . It aint much of a flick but its a good way to pass a boring afternoon. . . ..

U. R. A. Fever by The Kills  
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the kills – u.r.a. fever.mp3 (2780 KB)

Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey  
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10 Journey_-_Don’t_Stop_Believin’.mp3 (3931 KB)

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The score for the Safaricom panoramic / Patriotic AD

Download now or listen on posterous

Holst-_jupiter.ogg (7027 KB)

Finally found the score for that great Safaricom ad with the panoramic shots of various sites of the country. . . .even have a calendar for it. . . .Enjoy! . . .it starts somewhere in the middle so be patient.

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How Money Works

This week I have made it my mission to understand everything to do with money, its markets ,origins and possibly future. . .

I have thus endeavored on a conquest of magnanimous proportions (to my standards anyway) to get to the bottom at our modern master. Now to understand this epic tale , I have to go back to what instigated/inspired this adventure. I was watching this documentary called the zeitgeist Addendum and it went at length to show how the modern monetary system perpetuated by the Americans is ultimately evil and should be banished from the face of the planet immediately.

Now  I gotta tell you am a sucker for conspiracy theories and this was just too much for me to pass by. . . at first I thought these guys were simply heaven sent for opening my eyes to the truth and setting me free. . . but then as I chewed on the story they had fed me, I became a bit suspicious as to how they were simply distributing the said material without any repercussions on their part seeing as the names they were dropping were like really high up the food chain.
All the same I decided I should get myself some research done to get down to the bottom of it all. . .
I am still working on it But here is a short summary of what I have found out :
  • Money used to be a sort of certificate for gold or silver. That is you could walk into a bank at anytime and exchange your bank notes for a prescribed amount of gold or silver. This was scrapped and now the paper in your wallet gets its value from the US dollar and the trust you may have in the austerity of the US economy.
  • Bonds are a broke government’s way of getting quick cash from the affluent in the society. . they get quick money and pay out interest on the principle for many years. .. . .apparently started out in the city states of Florence and Milan and the others during times of war
  • The evolution of money/ money markets has been as important as the first and second world wars in shaping the course of our civilization. . .
Al be back when I have more and have finished reading The Ascent of Money by Niall Ferguson

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Another Rant

I just dont get it. . .I have done all the browsing and googling possible and I just dont get their argument. . . . .so orange , yu and zain want the 3G license fee to be reduced because . . . . .safaricom has a foothold in the 3g broadband sector?. . .so they want the fee reduced so that they can catch up?. . .as in wtf is cck doin even listening to these clowns?. . . so when MJ was risking his balls off investing in technology thats not even been fully adopted in Europe these pricks were still talkin about how these local baboons eardrums should be filled with stale ads about cheap off-peak calls / sijui cheaper sms crap while all we wanted was to get internet. . . so now that Safaricom's investment seems to be panning out the idiots want a piece of the pie. . . but not the legal way . . .they wanna go behind everyones back and get cck to cut safaricom to size because their lazy asses cant think of anything better to do. . . .

This is insane!!. . Meanwhile, the frenchies want back their money coz they cant locate a server. . . big flippin deal so you got gamed while you were buying, get with the program TIA(This Is Africa) baby!!. . .how bout you just gimme your shareholding and all be rolling profits sooner than you think. . .

No amount of hogwash is gonna chuck safcom from the top and you know why?. . .the executives there dont have their heads up their behinds. .. this is Kenya, so make a kenyan product. . . its really that simple . . take orange for instance. . .wtf is bunda? Or gura ? Or the other plethora of fishy names that they assign their products?. . . wont get started on zain. . . . they should check into a mental hospital for companies. . . .yu have no idea what they are doin. . . no clear strategy, just 2 month long plans. . . . till the new offer kwishas. . . till then they spam you with sms till your inbox fills up. . .(what are they doin with the database of guys who signed up as they launched?) whatever happened wit their 3g plan?. . . I give up. . .al just get a satellite phone and fiber for internet. . . . ..when I can afford it. . .SMH

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An Open Letter to Prof. Magoha

Dear Prof. Magoha,

This week has been a tough one huh? First your budget got all ruined seeing as renovation costs are gonna shoot through the roof, then you got on to the news for all the wrong reasons (and with the wrong tie!) then you get a young minister breathing down your neck and overturning you orders like pancakes in a pancake flipping contest . . . (pretty demeaning for an authority figure. . . am just saying. . ) the shit has truly hit the fan in your fancy office. .
But in all due respect even I saw it way back like a buffalo stampede in the horizon. . . I mean who couldn’t. . . .sure they dint think they would be stoning cars and get sent home, they expected you to concede some of that totalitarian grip , get with the program and do a comrades power with us. . . but noooo. . . you had to show who’s boss(which turns out aint you by the way) and shove it in our faces. . .surely you cant say you dint expect some stone throwing and vandalism?. . . .you did go through this campus right?.  . . My parents tell me they used to strike if they dint get hot chapatis @ lunch. . . compared to your lot, we seem a whole lot more reasonable. . . .so lets go through it again , last year you rig in a dude who is so obviously your crony and seeing as we be reasonable we let it slide. . . , but then the following year you try force him down our throats again? As in campus has run out of aspirants for the post for you to sponsor?. . . anyway. . .once you got some obvious resistance, you get goons to steal the ballot boxes and drive off in a university bus?. . .and then you expect students not to cause fracas?. . . not to be rude but you are either Terribly misinformed or very arrogant.
Students will be students the world over and they will fight for what they believe are their rights and will use whatever means necessary, even if it includes stoning hapless motorists coz that gets your attention. . . .People don’t be concieted that there were other channels open and that students have this lust for smashing into stuff and causing pandemonium, true its lotsa fun but it aint why its done. . . . The VC closes his door and we are supposed to do what exactly ? Go on a food strike? Nigga please. .  . .
This one is on his head. . . and I hope Ruto sucks up as much political mileage from this as possible. . . .
Mwangy out

Why Safaricom will remain no. 1

For the past several days ave tried all the different mobile telco
companies in the data segment and only Safaricom lets you do what you
wanted to do. . .

I took up the YU unlimited offer for 50 bob per day and all I can say
is that I have exhausted the expletives I had in my dictionary. . and
its a bit comprehensive. Its not just that they have capped the speed
@64kbps , its that they keep dropping the connection every other
minute or more frequently if they so desire . . . .its impossible to
do anything, even open a simple webpage and navigate it!. . .calling
customer care gives me a lot of PR bull that doesn’t solve any of my
problems and doesn’t help their case. . . .

I see them packing up real soon and I for one will not be
dissapointed. . .The fact that all these companies are ganging up
against Safaricom even placing ads in the dailies whining about how
Safaricom is dominant and they are not is just pathetic. . Safaricom
brought M-Pesa when they were acting all snooty saying it wont
work,Safaricom invested in a 3G license when they were seated in their
offices saying how internet is expensive because of satellite bandwith
and related bull. . ., Safaricom started per second billing when
Kencell thought that mobile phones should only be for the rich and the
rest should just stick to booths. . . . innovation after innovation
turned into billions after billions and now the snooty French, Indians
and Arabs want a share of the profits when all they offer is cheap
on-net calls? Gimme a break . . .

These guys should shove a sock in it and sell their firms to Kamau and
Fatuma and Wakhisi, pack up and go back to exploiting their customers
back where they came from(do you know Americans pay to receive calls
and sms’s? the nerve of those companies!)

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The iPad

Now where do I start am typing this from an ipad andoy oh boy is this
the shiznit!!! I now understand why some people swear on it and would
rather save up a couple of thousand bucks to buy a slate of
microprocessors,solenoids ,metal and glass. . . . The experience is so
worth it. . . This is what technology is all about . . .I ain’t gonna
bore you with details of specs n related cliches but this is an
experience no one shud ever not experience. . . .am beginning to
understand masclows(is that the spelling?) heir achy of needs, first
get a good meal, then a roof over your head, then security and then
you get yourself an iPad and be sure to be happy… . . . . . If you
techie like me am sure you will love Too. . . . Mwangy out. . . . .

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Continuity and Change

Today as I watched the safcom ad dissin the gprs driven rival gsm data
ntworks, I remembered one of my first lessons on relationships,
heirachy and power. Generally those who have high mental acuity , can
easily decipher or detect patterns, and can harness charm and know
their way around chicks tend to be the guys who make all the money,
get bedroom reputations and generally become the envy of the hapless
kaliwad men who wish they would get out of their average lives and get
some of the action . . Needless to say this never happens and as
caroline mutoko would say they lead an average life , get an average
chick, average kids . . . Get the drift. . . .and they spend most of
their free time coming up with excuses as to why they aint successful
. . .yet. this came flooding back when I studied all markets with a
player that exhibits characteristics akin to the successful alpha
male. They dominate the market, they are loved and vilified and all
the other players wish they were there . . . Just thinkin out loud . .
. Mwangy out . . .

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